White Widow


My 1st thoughts exactly @Stephane. I’d check the pH probe tip to start. Any snot covering it, remove!



The sensor on the left when looking at the unit had a bit of root gunk but nothing to mention really. I cleaned it though. I did the whole unit with the vinegar water mix twice ans than twice water a before this grow . Everything sounded and looked in order.


Good growing practices!

If that’s the case, I’ll dig into your ticket to see what the data looks like. I know @GroboJason said he saw your ticket come into the system…



The plant is even smaller today so I feel like whatever is in the water might be off. Leaves and everything looked amazing and healthy a few days ago. Hopefully she recovers


Shes definitely fighting. I mean look at that stem.


You’ll be fine once ph gets sorted. Hang in there mate and don’t look at the roots unless absolutely necessary


Will do. And I almost never look at them let alone lift it.
I want automated


Hey @Azuri would you trim these burnt leaves right off or wait until recovery. Shes still in burn as team investigates and has lost 50 % of her size in a week


I don’t think it would do any harm to trim the severe one(s) they won’t recover. Just keep an eye on the new growth. :+1:


I agree with @Azuri , trim the really burned leaves and monitor the new growth. The ones that look really bad won’t get any better.


Yeah trim party :tada: do it, your plant will thank you. Like what they said :point_up::+1::v:


Cut them they won’t recover


Yay my White Widow is featured on the recent grobo email!!!


I thought I recognized that lol