White Widow


Yeah were making fun if the peg today. I’m here a couple times a year. I may take you up on your offer next time! Couple conferences have overlapped so lots of clients from multiple markets here it’s pretty cool. Just wish there was damn store fronts here. Maybe Doug will fix that when he wrecks everything else.


Store fronts should be opening soon. they only awarded 25 licenses for now but much more to come in the future.


I heard that. Just traveling with my own grobo grown for now.


Nice, I’m harvesting my little tree when I get home on Saturday!





Hey all! I haven’t posted in a while due to work taking up too much of my time.

Anyways I looked at the buds tonight with my 60x loupe. Using the description from @Stephen I made the decision to cut her down. Apologies in advance if the light is shit.

Just a few pre cut down pics.

My super ghetttooo trim table with parchment paper. Trust me I know trim tray is the next purchase.

Got to learn by making life hard the first time around.

My diy drying rack. Also @SilverGrobo I loved your probe preservation baggy held by magnets fucking genius (totally stole that from you).

Anyways I’ll post some dry weights. I didn’t bother posting wet weight since it’s impossible to really get good data with all the stems still attached.

Super excited! :beers::green_thumb::groboone:


@Stephane, so awesome! Let me know when you try some and I’ll bust mine out same day, lol.


Awesome! Sounds good I’ll for sure let you know.





Damn some of those look super fat. Might be the fattest I’ve seen on here (may have missed some…lol) but to me they are anyway. Hopefully they’re nice and tight!


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m quite proud of my first grow. They looked nice and tight when I was trimming them. I don’t have any past experience with regards to what a fresh bud should look like but all I know is they have a vibrant green colouring and covered white :smiley:


Sorry I’ve been m.i.a. been a crazy few weeks. I see very clearly why everyone loves the widow. Shes got amazing roots below and perking up fast. Day 14.


Let’s keep the White Widow topic alive! Everyone that is growing White Widow post in here :stuck_out_tongue:


These were yesterday.


Looking goooood


These are this morning. About 1 min ago.


Stacking up bro my girl just started throwing them pistils out few days ago


Looks like youll have a nice yield off that, damn


Hoping so, but now I’m against a clock. Moving at the end of the month. So basically gives me one more week of flower and about 10 days for flush. It’ll be close.