White Widow


Looking really good Stephane!! :+1::v::fist:


Thank you! :slight_smile: grobo did all the work :groboone::green_thumb:


Wow yeah I was just about to say that, looks really good!!


Day 87! 3 days until flush.

Just looked at the buds with a 60x jewellers loup and all I see are super clear mushroom like trichomes. I’m keeping an eye on her but I’ll probably pull her down on the 1st or 2nd of feb when I come back from Winnipeg. Depending on ripeness of course.


I like the sounds of your harvest timing @Stephane!



Day 91! Flush time!


Maaaaannnn. Little :evergreen_tree:!


Those buds are getting FaaaAAaaattttTT!


@Stephane are those pistils still white ? Can’t tell cuz of the grobo light … but to me it looks like you have a majority of white hairs which is a sign that it’s not ready


No the majority of them have all turned a nice golden colour. I rushed home yesterday from work to get the drain and fill done and I made it home 5 minutes after the lights turned off.

So the light I used to take pictures was the drain and fill light spectrum. I’ll take close-up shot this morning with the photo mode light.




Ahhh I see now lol yea that light made the pistils look white to me lol but yea she’s looking good … during your flush add something like flawless finish by advanced or clearex which is what I use by Botanicare … my last harvest had the prized all white ash when I burned it!!


These WW look great. Now that my tangerine dream is dead I popped in a ww too and she popped all in the last 8 hrs yasssssss!





WW for the win!


I’m away on a business trip and I couldn’t stop worrying about the water level. So the genius that I am I just face timed my wife and walked her through the process as I was pressing the unlock button and the fill button on the web app.

Gotta love technology!!!


I’m away in Ottawa too and have yet to authorize that process but good to know step by step directions work lol


How long are you in Ottawa for? i’m back there on Saturday.


I leave Friday morning. As a calgarian it’s too bloody cold here in ottawa. We get chinooks for 50% or more of winter and our first cold days were this week pretty much. Gonna try skating on the canal tomorrow hopefully I dont break anything cause you can’t get cannabis shipped to a hotel here lol


Right on man! Next time you’re in Ottawa ill have you over to my place for supper and a Volcano vape session :slight_smile:

Oh and some beers too.

I’m in Winnipeg right now and its F**king cold outside. Winnipeg is where hell freezes over.