White Widow


Sounds good I’ll let her be. Thanks @chris_barfield


@Stephane My plants a bit bigger than yours and Stephen said adding a week or two of veg could increase yield so I did that. But yeah like Chris said it’s up to you, but I added 2 weeks to my veg. Maybe it won’t stretch so much then cause she’ll be a bit bigger and more established


She is sundenly growing quickly…

Super happy!!!




Haven’t posted in a while. Here she is on day 44. I really need to order that drying rack or make my self one to support the plant and spread out those branches for more light in the darker places :slight_smile:


The stretch is real!

Will be lollipopping soon.


Might as well do it sooner than later so you don’t waste nutes going to growth your going to take away :+1:

She’s looking real good though!!


Update time !!!

Now I was busy today doing my sorta lollipop… I have no clue what i’m doing but i’m experimenting.

So I noticed my plant was leaning over hard so I ordered some adjustable magnets off amazon and made a little support for her.

Now here is the rest of the set up I did to spread a few branches into the light… trying to get that little branch in the front to shoot up and meet up with the canopy.

anyways I hope everything works.



Hey @Stephane, she looks great! You could stand to lose those fan leaves in the back on the bottom, and I’ve been bending my big upper fan leaves to give those stems so more light if ya catch my drift… all up to you, again she’s looking happy-


She looks happy. Doing water change and hair cut tomorrow. (Day 56)


Hair cut to expose bud sites to more light :smiley:


Day 59!


Nice to see. I’m close to the end of my first grow with grobo. I have one white widow seed I plan to plant next. It will be great to see your pics as I go along with it to compare differences in growth.


I had a few issues at the beginning of the grow with PH being out of whack. I have no idea how much it stunted the growth but I think she looks alright.

She is growing new giant leaves faster than I can trim them. Can’t wait to see what yield I get too.

For my first grow I’m crossing my fingers for at least an ounce dry.


Me also I’m getting close to harvest with pineapple Express. 1st grow hoping for 2 oz. Or so shall see soon


That’s awesome. See I set the bar low for my first yield so I don’t get too disappointed lol.


Day 64


Day 68


Might wanna trim a little to allow light to penetrate … are you close to week 3 flowering ? I don’t know what your growing but if you see that your genetics are strong i would trim a little… my previous run trimmed all the way up to the end to allow for more bud sites… but only looking nice and strong … great job!


@chris_barfield thank you for the kind words of encouragement. First grows are always daunting, always afraid to screw something up.

I’ll do more trimming today. New leaves cover up the light very quickly I find.