White Widow


Lol… yup Amazon for the win.


Day 30! Small hair cut just two large fan leaves sitting on the lid under the canopy that were 90% in the shade.


Can’t wait to see what this turns into I have a clone of what I’m running now and was thinking about crossing that with white whidow


Should I be worried? Just noticed this right now.

Could it be a calcium deficiency?

@Stephen my ticket should still be open from the ph probe calibration etc. If you have a chance to take a look I would greatly appreciate it.




Sorry to see this happening… Hope the ((#GroboTeam)) can save this for you… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


My plant had that and was corrected with a shift of ph to 6 to allow for more calcium


Thats exactly what I’m thinking is that it’s a calcium deficiency. It’s incredible that a slight change in your pH can change what your plant can and can’t intake.


Hi @Stephane,

I wouldn’t be worried. It seems your fill water is entering the system at a pH of about 4.8 and the system is raising it to acceptable ranges. You are entering the bottom of the range, so I’ve pushed your goal up a bit.

pH has been raised



Thank you!


My very bottom leaves look like that also, but not quite that bad. @Stephen am I good or is just not enough light getting to them? My pH is somewhere around 5.3-5.5, maybe a tad low…?


Hey @Dew,

You got a slight bump up too. Seeing your pH running at about 5.9 average, which is fine. Keep me posted!



Appreciate it!


Ok so this morning I looked at the sick fan leaf on the right and it seemed worse. I decided to cut it off and let new growth take over that was previously largely covered by this leaf.

Now my plant looks slightly lopsided but it’s ok I think it was time for that leaf to go.

I’ll be doing this for any further affected leaves if they get worse than what they are now.

Hope I’m making the right call on this one.


This isn’t good did you put in a (https://support.grobo.io) :tickets::ticket: Ticket yet?.. They’ll help you out with more information on your status of the plant… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


If you read a little above you will see that @Stephen is watching the data still from my #2 bottle draining completely in the first 10 days. Since then @GroboJason and I did a full calibration of the pH probe and now we are just watching.

My pH has since been raised a tiny bit as of yesterday so I hope this will rectify the issue in the coming days. For now all I can do is simply remove leaves that simply won’t heal and allow new growth to prosper.


Things are looking good, I’ll be watching for a bit longer. :wink:


She’ll come back in a couple days good as new! :slight_smile:


Crossing my fingers. :crossed_fingers:


Ok I haven’t had the chance to update anyone for a while so here it is.

From my last post I had given a small haircut to get rid of some of the spotty/yellow leaves. Today I did a good hair cut again to get rid of older fan leaves that were simply no healing.

What I discovered is this beautiful fresh and healthy growth underneath. I have been following the directions of the very knowledgable team at Grobo and just wanted to say thank you to @GroboJason and @Stephen and anyone else that has been instrumental in my success so far.

One thing I was wondering is that with all this stress on the plant should I possibly extend my veg time longer to allow the plant to get to a size that is normal for day 36? or am I just over thinking it?


It’s up to you and how big you want your plant. You don’t need to but if you think you want some extra time go for it. My opinion it wasn’t a stress that hindered growth times like topping or fimming but it’s up to you … me personally I wouldn’t doesn’t seem like you lost much and she’s growing healthy now . Give her a few days and she’s if she blows up