White widow growers choice seed


Day 100.


Day 110, day 6 of 10 flush day.


Why aren’t you extending the grow? I’d stop flush and continue with flower at least two three weeks. Your buds need more time to develop and stack. Just my 2 cents. Not judging just observations :+1::v:


Beats me, I’m just doing what the grobo says do. Have no control over extending it


Yes you do!!! Send in a support ticket and ask them to extend you a month or so, you’re not really close to flush let alone harvest. Your buds need a lot.more time to develop. If you finish now your yield will be shyte, and looking at your bottles, they’re all practically full. Somethings up send in a ticket and pm @Stephen Stephen. You are not ready for sure!!! :+1::v::beer::joy::scream::exploding_head:


Just lookin out man! I remember when I started and had no help. I want you to have the best harvest you can possibly have. And right now, you’re not there! :+1::v:


Hey @Bongsmoker89,

We can extend your flower stage for you if you wish, just email @GroboJason at support@grobo.ca and he can help you out. I’d consider adding a week at minimum.



Yeah he extended it 2 weeks for me





So I had a goof, did a water change last night, but forgot to fill it back up so left it wide open with no water all night. Think it will be alright?


I think you’ll be ok. Just give her water right away… If I survived without a taproot you’ll be fine. Is you coco pod moist or dry?


Idk im not home had my wife fill it up about a hour ago. It went about 12 hours without water and the door opened


You should be ok. 12hrs is nothing compared to the abuse my plant has taken. She will survive