What kind of Toms are your fav?


Hi Yall

What is your fav to grow?

What is your fav to eat?



I don’t have much experience growing tomatoes, but I love to eat Kumatoes and Romas - I like that they’re more firm. Makes it easier to toss them into recipes when I cook without fear of them becoming mush.

Just looked up some heirloom varieties, and these Green Zebra tomatoes look AWESOME! Would love to try these at some point. I wonder where I can get seeds for these from…


Um, YES! I’d love to try some Green Zebras. They look great!



Thanks for nice suggestion. I usually use Toms for my healthy dinner recipes. One of my Fav toms is F1 Belriccio. It is a delicious beefsteak tomato, ideal for slicing, frying and grilling