What I want to grow


Shouldn’t be long before the tomatoes start arriving! This is a Tiny Tom planted March 1st.


You planted tiny tom beginning of April and it’s this far along, wow. I definitely know what I’ll be planting next grow. I’m still hoping my new basil seeds eventually sprout and grow.


Sorry! March 1st, not April 1st. Bjorn was amazed too and when I checked the tag, it was 3.1!! I’ve edited the above post to reflect this mistake.


One day we will be able to grow this quickly though :smiley: :seedling: :groboone:


Haha, I was thinking that would be record growing time like the plant was on steroids. I’m hoping that the new basil seeds I planted are gonna sprout otherwise I’m giving up on the basil grow and will move onto something else.


Hey @Daniel, I’m in the same boat with my basil too. After 12 days they sprouted, but still haven’t surfaced. It’s really ridiculous how long these things take to get started


Well… I’ve got great news. I planted about 3 seeds or possibly 4, can’t remember exactly. And look what I came back home to after being away all weekend and it’s day 7 of this grow. Super excited and my girlfriend was as well. Can’t wait to be able to make fresh pesto with all the basil we’re gonna get from this grow. I know @bjorn stated that once they get growing more should cut one or two down. I’ll be keeping my eye on them this week but am so stoked that they finally peaked out of the pod.


Congrats Daniel!

It’s always pretty amazing seeing a tiny little plant come from nowhere. Your patience definitely paid off! Plus, basil is a great plant to grow because you can use it in so many different dishes too.

Thanks for sharing the pic - we’re looking forward to seeing more growth over the next few weeks… and maybe some pesto pics too :slight_smile:


So true north was way better service thank canuck seeds of which I ordered July 2nd and still haven’t gotten. This I ordered last week. Good service anand speed imo but pricey shipping.


@ToddYYC which of the three are u growing next…? I got a tangerine dreams going. It’s a bushy plant


Special queen. Was the number 1 cannabis in 2017 apparently. Someone disliked the widow so I’ll save it for last



I’ll be doing Acapulco Gold as soon as my grobo comes in.


Wow that’s going to be a nice Sativa @Gatorsfn28


@ToddYYC Special Queen is going to be super skunky??? I love that. I wish there was a way for us to share weed! I love Vaping a variety of Gancha






Maybe this Key worked and we would have to be online, and with a USB Vaper Pen… :wink::herb::herb::herb: