Water Level Sensor Shield and Drying Rack (Prototypes)


HI Jamminbear

The sensors are at the back right of the unit. Please see this image

They are the black levers on the top right of the image, labeled High Fill, Low Fill, and empty
Gently pull your roots away from the sensors and that should help with the unit being stuck in drain mode.


Another dumb question. So if there are roots tangled in the sensors? How should I remove the roots from the sensor? Remove the plant entirely and cut off the tangled roots or leave the plant inside and untangled the roots without cutting any roots? *she is in day 83 I believe and she is pretty big.


Hey @Jamminbear,

You can gently remove them by hand, at this stage loosing a bit of root on a big plant like this won’t slow it down much. Just be careful and try to not tear a large amount off. You could remove the entire plant for your next drain/fill in preparation for your water level shield install once it arrives. I put mine in a 5 gallon bucket if the need to transport or remove the plant from the unit arises.



@Stephen I put in a ticket with Robyn and she wanted u too look at what’s happening? Is it nutrient burn or she is yellowing towards the end of her life cycle?


Hey @Jamminbear,

Looks like a bit of both, I’ll check your ticket and respond.



Thanks @Stephen


@Stephen so i fixed the stuck on drain mode… it was the root that got attached to the bottom water sensor…So nice to fill water now without unplugging the machine. lol… So i checked the EC/PH of my grobo… after draining her today…EC-.8 and PH 7.2 is a little high?