Using BigBud and Bud Candy


thanks i thought it was 5 for some reason. but now i know how much water to buy. whole foods in my area sells RO water for 39 cents a gallon


Ok, I think we all need some clarification for us U.S. non metric arse holes. So @Stephen how many gallons exactly is our res? This should put things more into perspective and allow us to do our math(or should I say maths :joy:) properly ! Thanks in advance Stephen


I think I got lucky. The hydro store near me is pretty cheap. I got the small bottle of bud candy for 15.00 bux. I got sensi grow a&b for 9 bux each.


2.9 gallons


That was my estimate. I have a theee gallon jug I use and it’s pretty much perfect. :+1::v:


Yea I usually overfill mine any way


Use amazon can find those cheaper