We should definitely buffer your recipe with a couple extra weeks @Mcmanis, have you chatted with @GroboJason in support yet?



I have not spoken to anyone since I posted my previous picks. I was just comparing everyone else growth and my girl seems on the slow side. She hasn’t given up. I notice changes every day. More roots the 2 leafs are getting bigger. She just seems to be taking her time.


Got it @Mcmanis,

I recommend emailing support@grobo.ca to request a couple of weeks be added to your stage 2 or stage 3 to allow your plant to fill out the unit a bit more, and increase your eventual yield.

Good luck with the grow!


These are my most recent shots. Day 20 looks like other growers day 8. Shes way behind. But shes still alive. So there’s that.


Hey @Mcmanis I know it has been said a 1000 times over but now that you see a nice healthy root system make sure to hide that away and keep it away from light. Those roots will grow quickly and reach into that tank to suck back some delicious nutrients.

One thing I learned is that at some stages of the growth its really important to be hands on and get in there and manipulate the plant to send the stems in the directions you want them to go. Other stages of growth such as seedling it is important to watch for signs like drooping and leaves curling and what not but your seedling looks healthy. Let her be, you will see she will start growing fast.

Are your temps looking alright?

anyways look forward to seeing her grow some more. :slight_smile:



Just installed my temp/humidity gauge. The temp was 66 humidty 49%. I’m changing my water tomorrow so I’m also moving her inside told my husband we just have to put her in the cat room. It’s too cold outside. I imagine she will grow faster.


@Mcmanis I hope you have more luck inside! I know the plant is temperamental if it’s too hot or too cold. Climate is warm where I am when I was first starting out I wasn’t letting enough airflow in the room or external fans so it got above 80 degrees which led to early root rot. Once I controled the climate better I haven’t looked back ever since you will probably be thanking the move here shortly. I’ve had no issues since treating my root rot and keeping the temp comfortable for my girl!


My cat room is not too hot or cool because of the cats. It just the only room that doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic and its warmer than the garage.


Good choice as the garage had the temps too low cannabis will stunt growth if it’s too cold … the res water was probly too cold for nutrient uptake as well… with the warmer temps watch your girl start to grow


Yeah. Shes a fighter. Even at 66 degrees shes sprouting new leaves and the roots are growing like crazy. Coming from everywhere.


So happy for you!!!


Thanks a lot. My husband thinks I’m crazy but I told him that I feel like we are a little family here on all growers. It’s his grobo not mines. But I’m doing all the work. It’s cool cuz I enjoy projects. I like creating things and watching it change. My husband gets an idea, like I want a grow box. I make it happen. He loses interest and I pick it up.
I have learned so much on this forum. I enjoy meeting all of you and watching your grows. I care about my little plant. Even though I will never know what kinda high she gives. I don’t smoke. But I figured I spent all this money on the grobo and the seeds. I had no idea how much seeds cost. Crazy right , but anyway I didn’t want to waste it so I said. I’ll grow the plants and you can smoke them. I couldn’t leave them neglected. But anyway nice to meet all of you. I look forward to growing with all of you.


Hey @Mcmanis

Haha, that’s my story too, except with my wife. She wants and indoor garden I set her up got it going now guess who looks after it. It’s ok though it got her more interested in what I like to grow and legalization has open the floodgates for me now to grow my own. :+1:


Your growing championship level plants :star_struck: