See-thru glass door


Is the Grobo’s glass door see-thru?Can you see the plants growing?Is there a way to have it blacked out?


Hey Bnut,

With our fluid glass the door can be both see through and blacked out! Our new video shows this feature in action around the 0:42 second mark and you can also see it in some of the pictures on our website!

  • Bjorn


if the door is blacked out is there still light coming from the box? Or the other way round: Is it possible to put grobo in your bedroom? How much light, noise and odor do we have to expect?


Hi Fanatic,

In the final version of the door the colouration is a deep purple/blue colour which blocks out the majority of light, both going into the unit and coming out of the unit when in its opaque state.

The light levels should be considerably low enough coming from the unit itself to be placed in your room, depending what your tolerable amount of light in your room is :slight_smile:

Noise and smell have also been a huge consideration for reduction over the course of our pilots builds in which we’re getting positive results from so far. We’ll keep you updated via our website’s technical specs section with the final results from our tests as to just how bright/noisy/smelly the unit is




Hi Chris,

Is there any chance you guys could upload a video of the Grobo walking around/inside the unit while its running so we can get an idea as to how loud the unit is?

As for the smell, the carbon filter that comes with the unit will this be good for more than one use or is it recommended to replace after plant has been harvested?



What does “reduction” of smell mean? Absolutely no smell? Just less smell?
Concerning the light: I would prefer no light emissions as an option. What about some cover plate as a feature?


Rich - In terms of sound, it will be hard to show via a video because it all depends on how loud your speakers are! Personally, I have had a Grobo in my one bedroom apartment for months now without any issues. The small amount of fan noise quickly mixes in as background / grey noise.

Ideally we recommend you replace the carbon filter every grow. You can think of each carbon pellet as being a planet with craters. The smell is removed by getting caught in those craters, but over time they fill up and no longer do their job. ’

Fanatic - Our current filters remove a majority of the smell, however we have new ones coming in which should completely eliminate it. We will have more information in a few weeks. In terms of the light emissions, we do not currently have plans to cover the fluid glass, however I’m sure you can rig something up!


Bjorn - Sounds good, I did not expected anything too much! Plus will be in the guest room so we’re good either way!

Thank you again!


Thanks for your answer. For me it is absolutely necessary that there is no odor from Grobo otherwise I could not use it in my appartement. I hope your next-gen carbon filter will eliminate odor completly.
Really interested in all your production changes and user experiences.



I agree with you on the smell topic, however if my neighbors complained about free smells, shame on them! I would imagine this body alone would contain a vast amount of the odor, so the filter will more than likely just provide that additional reassurance we are looking for.

Side question, have you decided on what breed and strain you will be growing first?



No, not yet decided. I think this decision depends very much on the recipes available at that time. But in general I’m looking forward some uplifting auto-sativa.