Recipe Requests Oct - Dec 2018


Hey @Azuri,

I’m actively working on new recipes now. I expect the updates to arrive by early next week.



Can’t wait!!! I’m on the generic recipe for now.


Does this include my request as well @Stephen ?


Hey @Wolf1,

Yup, looks like they will all make the list.



is a clone recipe going to happen anytime soon.


Hey @greenmatter,

In short, YES!!

I’ve been testing several strains over the last year and dialling in our clone recipes. The tricky part now is integrating them with our current recipes. Our goal is to roll out the ability to grow any of our recipes from seed or clone, not just add a couple clone recipes. This in combination with adding all of the current requests and a couple new gems have resulted in the delay. Thanks for hanging in there!

Here is an example of rooting cuttings in the lab.

Chocolate Mint OG on the left just went in, the Shiskaberry on the right are rooted and ready for a move to the Grobo.

You can see when they are ready because the roots will poke out of the bottom of the coco pod.

Thanks for your patience, I’m actively working on recipe updates.



Hi @Stephen could you add a recipe for
Mango Kush fem from ILGM?


I have some blueberry gum seeds @Stephen


Blueberry gum sounds fire

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