Recipe Requests Oct - Dec 2018


Not yet but it’s coming I can’t wait


Hi @Russel_Richardson,

The generic indica is a great choice for master kush. As you get closer to harvest, we can adjust if you feel the need.



@Stephen perfect! thanks for the quick reply! Can’t wait for my little sprout to come through! :seedling::seedling:


Hello @Stephen hoping you can add these to the recipe list? They are all from Canuk seeds and are all feminized. Thank you Sir, much appreciated.

  1. Critical widow
  2. Northern lights
  3. White rhino
  4. Amnesia
  5. Bubba kush
  6. Canuk cookies


On the list!



I wanted to grow Dinafem’s XXL White Widow Auto. How can I go about it?


Hi @Adele_Drew,

I recommend using the Cannabis - Indica - White Cheese from Dinafem. It’s a 90 day recipe that we can end early if needed.



Great, thanks stephen. I’m also interested in FastBuds Girl Scout Cookie. I was afraid to try something new astray from the Grow Recipes shown in this forum. Please let me know if FastBuds GSC would work. Another option is the Auto Seeds GSC. I’m a total beginner.


Welcome aboard @Adele_Drew!

I don’t recommend going with an auto to start, I prefer photo period dependent for beginners. If you do pickup a strain that isn’t in the app:

  1. Add it to this list! I update 4x a year, so it should be there for your next grow.
  2. Use a generic recipe. You can select from Auto, Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.

Good luck on your grow,



Is there any reason why photoperiods are easier for beginners? I’m a little greedy to get my greens fast. I’m considering White Widow (u have this in your photoperiod recipe), GSC, Northern Lights, Jack Herer and NYC Diesel but i can’t decide on what to go first once i get my Grobo. I’ve no knowledge at all growing.


From the notifications:

Autoflowering vs Photoperiod

There are a couple differences between photoperiod strains and autoflowering strains. Here is a summary:

Photoperiod - Will grow vegetatively on light cycles of 81/6 and 24/0.

  • Will flower once put into a 12/12 light cycle.
  • Can be easily cloned, ensuring the one seeds genetics can produce unlimited plants.
  • Takes longer to finish and harvest, typically 4 months.
  • Responds well to topping or low stress training in the vegetative cycle.

Autoflowering - Will grow vegetatively for a limited time and automatically transition into flowering.

  • Difficult to clone.
  • Finished quicker than a traditional photoperiod seed.
  • Not a great candidate for topping or low stress training.

You will get a lower yield with an auto and may run into issues with spacing which require some advanced techniques.

How to increase Grobo yield

Northern Lights auto from Crop King. That’s my next planned grow.


@Stephen–can you describe for us, at least in general terms, how you go about developing the recipes?


Hi @Cornholio,

In general I use the scientific method combined with my decades of grow experience. I’ve been running trials based on my hypothesis developed through research of each strain. Google split-plot in RCBD for some of the math if you are interested.

Think of it like this. I have a control plant plus a couple others. I feed one more than the control, one less. Observe results and the best results become the new control. This is done with many variables like nutrients, spectrum, time, etc. Lots of work goes into producing the best results possible. I use a lab to test the results.

Hope that helps a bit,


Please add Crown Royale (Crop King): to the recipe list. That is going to be my next grow in the Grobo.

Many thanks,


Thanks—that is interesting to know.


Hey @Stephen - any chance you were/are able to add sugar black rose? Looking to start my next cycle this weekend.


Hi @Jam,

I’ll be updating the entire list sometime in December, so I recommend using the Cannabis - Indica - Generic recipe, 101 days to start. We can flip you over once I’ve created the recipe.



Posted this awhile ago …not sure if u have a recipe for this yet:
can u add the recipe for the following or suggest alternative recipe:
Biddy Early Feminised Seeds
Seedbank Serious Seeds
Genetics Early Skunk x Warlock
Sex Feminized
Variety Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
THC Content High
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
Yield High
Plant Height Medium
Grows Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
Flowering Time 50-60 days


Not a request for a reciepe but more info on why Gorilla Glue #4 is now call GG#4 if you want to source seeds or clones…