Questions about first grow


@rouleauj check it out. I took your advice and made the purchase.

Thanks again for your advice. I got 3 by the way. Just like you recommended. Now I just need to learn a little more on how to control these numbers. Happy growing. :blush:


Well done Pete. I got mine yesterday too. I put them all side by side and at first they were all different temps and rh, but after about 30 mins they were all exactly the same. I then put o e in my tent next to my old one, one outside the tent in my room and one in the living room/kitchen. They all work well and are in point. Glad I got em. Keep them on the 24 hour setting instead of the all time as you can se what your high and lows are for temp and rh during the last 24 hrs so you can adjust your room better.


@Stephen @Stephane @rouleauj I’m going into my flush tomorrow. I’m thinking it’s time. What you guys think. Also I have a quick question I’m concerned about the brown almost red tips and edges on all my leaves. Is this the chemical burn?


Hey Pete hard to tell from those pics, but she looks healthy and yellowing and crispy tips happen at this stage. Could you get some more shots of the whole plant and a few bud sites as well as a side view?


Hey @Pete, I have the exact same thing with my leaves. They all have discoloured tips just like yours and I was also concerned about it so I sent in a ticket. I got pretty much the same answer that @rouleauj wrote. Perfectly normal for this stage of growth.

She looks good.

You may also notice some more yellowing throughout your flush as the plant draws out nutrients from the leaves.


Hey Pete is your humidity still at 23%? If so that is way too low.


Damn winter and the dry air that comes with it. I have a humidifier in my grow room.


@rouleauj here are some more pics. How should I increase humidity? You think this a reason for discolouration? Getting a small humidifier? If so you have any recommendations?


Hi @Pete

I agree that is is a bit hard to tell, but it seems you could use a bit more time in flower. I’m seeing lots of white pistols that indicate you could use more time. It’s really the trichomes that tell the tale if you can get a jeweler’s loupe with 60x zoom, you will be able to see the cloudy and amber ones that indicate it’s the best time to take her down. Simply ask to add another week in flower for you.

The tips burning is common as the plant starts to drink more each day. To avoid this, top up your reservoir a couple times between weekly drain/fills.



Yep, I got a cool mist humidifier, and set her near my plant in my tent set to 45%. You could set it behind your unit at the air intake fan and play around with values till you get her dialed in. Just make sure you get a programmable unit. This is the one I have and it’s great.


Hey @rouleauj just like to thank you for sharing your advice. I feel that my plant has flourished after I’ve controlled for temperature and humidity. I’m into my 4th day of flushing. I’m thinking after 3 more days it will be time to harvest. Any final thoughts?


Yeah Pete, that looks better. Next grow, will be better now you have temp and humidity under control. What you going to grow next?


Not sure what I’m going to grow next. Thought maybe try this one again. Try to get better results. I do have some Pineapple Express. I’ll see what I yield this time then decide. What you been growing? @rouleauj


Doing the same strain is a great idea! It will help you familiarize your self with the strain and get better results. I’m growing a white widow x big bud at the moment. When my coco pod gets here I’ll start a Royal gorilla :gorilla: in the grobo, and when my wwxbb finishes up in about 6 or so more weeks I’m goin to do a mystic gorilla :gorilla: in my new airpot. Doing some experimenting.


@rouleauj quick question. When im hanging my buds to dry should I still be worrying about temp and humidity control?


Yes is the short answer. Search the site here for drying mode. Also the last week tutorial about flushing. Congrats on your harvest. Pics? My girl will be hanging soon too!! :tada::snowman_with_snow::+1::v:


@rouleauj. Here’s some pics. It’s chemical dawg. These tururials you speak of. Where to I find. On the community site. Or on the grobo web page



Looks good. Are those nugs really airy or pretty dense?


@rouleauj. By the way nice pictures. They look like they thriving. You got a lot of buds. I’m gonna need to perfect some of those techniques. I’m excited to start another grow. This grow took 5 months. I’m hoping with some climate control I’ll be able to cut that back a couple months. Cheers.


@rouleauj. some are airier then others but id say they are on the airy side. You have any quick fixes for that? Like I said I’m hoping climate control was my problem.