Questions about first grow


How many ML of the Hydroguard should i use?


Botanicare suggests 2ml per gallon and we are running a 2.6 litre tank, so 5 ml would be a great place to start. I’d drain then fill my unit and wait about an hour after that to apply the Hydroguard. Don’t want it mixing with the nutes being dispensed. Great stuff for fighting Root Rot.


And if you are using botanacare nutes why is it we can’t just buy our own in bulk and water it down to the values you are using? Are your nutes really truly your own nutes, and not bought in bulk and distributed to us after you fill your labeled bottles. I know nutrients are a bytch to develop and take hell of a lot of time to do so, so which is it. Curious minds wan to know. Also if you are using marketed nutrients then we as customers have the right to know. A little transparency here will go a long way.


Hi @rouleauj,

We chatted about this earlier, didn’t we? To review, our nutrients are mixed in house and not available to purchase from a vendor. Simply filling the bottles with ‘other’ nutrients won’t work. I have specific ratios to dosing rates to pump speed all figured out that will be destroyed by not using our nutes. We are looking into offering larger pack sizes, so you are able to simply refill from a larger source, look for these in the coming months. For now, I’d order a backup set of nutes so you don’t run out.



Hes also looking to ship those nutrients and other stuff USPS hehe

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I was doing better an then changed the water yesterday, waited about an hr and a half. Added the Hydroguard stuff and then this morning she looks like this and roots are starting to turn brown



Hey @Darthgrobo

Be sure to send a ticket to It’s hard to sit at distance and troubleshoot your issue. Couple things, slightly browned roots are not necessarily an issue. Roots can take on the colour of the nutrients in this case bottle #5. Did you notice any “slime” on the roots?

I completely understand your concern with your plant but try to avoid exposing the roots, they don’t like light and this can actually encourage root rot. :+1: Think of the a rooted plant in soil they never see the day of light. So for starters get the Grobo team to check all your sensors settings.


I appreciate it. Don’t mean to be checking on her so often haha it’s like my kid though so I’m that over anxious parent.


The root system is fascinating for sure, I’m not downplaying your concern for your plant. Send the ticket out for checking some settings if they come back ok we can trouble shoot here too. :+1:


@Azuri great suggestion! @Darthgrobo I saw your update and will get the details over to my buddy @Stephen





Hey guys, sent an email earlier but not sure if you guys work weekends. My light switched off last night kinda early and now still hasn’t come back on today. Wondering what’s up


Hey @Darthgrobo

Log into your Grobo app and have a look at your light settings. If you’re early into your grow your light should be on for 20 hours a day.

Here’s the menu option to check your light settings and when they go off and on. :point_down:


Ahhh, I forgot to check that before. I unplugged it and plugged her back in and then the light still was off for like a min or two and then it turned on. Hopefully should be good to go. Not sure what would cause it to randomly not switch on.


It’s happened to me. If for whatever reason the power has been off to the Grobo, when it powers back up it seems to look for a wifi connection and get the latest point your reciepe was at and then turns the light on once it knows if it should be on or off.


Failed to realize the Northern Lights strain I had was an AF. My recipe has been adjusted and I was knocked back some days. Here’s an updated picture. Any pruning suggestions welcome. Seems like she’s getting ready to flower and I can smell her some


This should help… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_thumb:


Yea, Autoflower haha sorry. I will take a look at that. Thanks so much!