Pruning and topping your plant to increase yield


Thank you that clears it up i think.


Would the top arrow be considered the 3rd or fourth node? I notice you Did not draw a line to the first leaves at the bottom.


Thanks for the helpful info. Appreciate it very much.


It would be considered the 4th node


Thought so just wasn’t sure if the first one didn’t count


Are you supposed to snip the little nodes that grow immediately where the branch forms? Right where that bottom right arrow is. Do you trim those, or let them grow?


No the actual stem where you see the newest growth


When you do that it will split in two possibly more. The first top i did split into two and then the main stem
Kept growing lol I topped again and basically gave me way more tops lol


Here’s what I’m talking about. Other than topping, do you trim these?


Those are your bud sites @JBizzle. So if you want to increase your yield you have to make sure these bud sites that are growing big and flush with other bud sites receive same amount of light to avoid getting popcorn nugs at harvest. You can also choose to top these as well or do some LST work on them to make sure your they are in the light; or if not that, you can also defoliate whatever is giving shade to the bud sites such as unwanted leaves. The only problem i currently have is figuring out what type of leaves are your sugar fan leaves that need to stay there and avoid getting pruned for those leaves are highly beneficial for when it comes time to flower. (Im guessing their the ginormous full weed leaves with all fingers :man_shrugging:t2:)


@NOo_Reggie basically all the leaves directly on the stalk are the major fan leaves … on my plant the fan leaves connected to the stalk are freaking hugeeeeeeeeeeee oh and shout outs to you for being a laker fan !!! Been one all my life and yes I do think Kobe Bryant is better than Jordan … NOT TAKING OPINIONS :joy::joy::joy:

@JBizzle don’t trim those new branches growing in they will be numerous bud sites later on… also kind of don’t need to worry about trimming important stuff until close to flowering …


Haha oh wow appreciate the info @chris_barfield cause i think I probably got rid of my fan leaves on the main stalk already :man_facepalming::joy:. But thats awesome bro you also like the Lakers :pray:. I honestly couldn’t agree more Kobe Bryant in my opinion is the :goat:


Also was upset when i first found out Lebron was going to L.A cause hes always been a player i hated since Kobe vs Lebron days lol but shoot if he gets us to the playoffs this year i cant knock him. I can only say i hate him as a person but like how he plays now :joy:


@NOo_Reggie bruh literally feel the same exact low key was tight he came to the Lakers but then I was like we are going to win again so whatever


Can anyone explain training the branches? Is that just bending them out of the way?
I topped my plant yesterday night and by morning I had 2 new sites grown past the cut, very exciting however I feel my plant is growing very wide and am afraid to prune to much or the wrong thing15409382667709166469508745286654|375x500 z



You can bend/ tie down / move the plant however you like to form the shape you want … I topped and made my branches split like a wide y in order for other branches to grow straight up for maximum light exposure but it’s all how you like … but the idea is move the growth the way you want to attain maximum light to all bud future bud sites



No more than 20% of the plant gets pruned in flowering stage… Learn more as you read and watch… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::green_thumb::herb:


Hi Guys just wanted some advice as my plant is still growing and not flowering. I lollypopped it over tine and wasnt sure if I took to much off and what I should do now? Thanks for all the support


Your plant looks great and to me it’s just not ready to show. My girl stretched for a while before she showed as well. Right now I would just sit back and wait. Looks to me like a great job lollypopping just pluck those little ones trying to grow and your good.