Pruning and topping your plant to increase yield


Hey Trip23,

Usually the breeder will indicate if it’s Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strain. Most strains these days lean more to the hybrid side. If you make a mistake and select an incorrect recipe, it’s not the end of the world. As you approach the end of the grow, your notifications will prompt and educate you on what to look for in making a harvest decision. If you have a long flower Sativa strain but selected a short Indica strain recipe, you will quickly see that your plant isn’t matching up with the notifications. The recipes are designed to allow you to extend them or cut them short. The Grobo is an automated system, but you are ultimately in control. :robot:



Hey Stephen,
On my first grow, currently day 15 for a White Widow strain from Canuk and my plant hasn’t done much in the last week or so. Leaves are starting to wilt a bit and I’m starting to get a bit concerned. Took this pic a few minutes ago. Any ideas??


Hi Trip23,

Please contact and they (we) will be able to assist you. This will raise a support ticket, enabling me a peek at your data. Combining that with the picture you provided will ensure we get a good picture of your progress.



@Trip23 I grew a white widow by canucks seeds in soil. It was a free seed when i bought from truenorthseeds. it grew extremely slow and compared to a blue dream i was growing at the same time it did not live up to expectations. i had to chuck it


Hey Stephen,
On day 35 and she’s looking healthy but I have a question about topping. I’m not sure I topped at the right time. I read that it should be done bw 4th and 5th nodes. I’m thinking that I topped after 5th node appeared. Please see pics for reference. Assuming that I was late topping, what effect will it have on my plant?


I don’t think it will have a negative effect for the plant … if it recovered and is doing fine then got good… I read you can too as many times as you want if you have the space to do it. Plants looks nice man… I’m only day 13-14 or something still a small nute… I anflavor called war heads which I thought was orange chem by ore Amsterdam chem 89 but it’s actually ultimate chemdawg/black widow x airheads but she is growing pretty slow compared to everyone else’s plants haha…


Hi @Trip23,

I’ll be filling in for @Stephen this week - as @chris_barfield said your plant looks fine. As long as it recovers from the LST you’ve done on it you’re good. From the image it looks like you have 4 colas coming to now? That should be perfect for the size of the Grobo One. As with timing, if you haven’t got them already our recipes now have notifications for when you should do the various LST actions like topping to get your timing right




Hi @Chris
I’ve only topped once…so that should get me two colas, right? I plan on topping again so I can get four colas, but the plant hasn’t reached that point I believe. In regards to the new notifications, where can I find those at? Thanks again.


Hey @Trip23

Topping once will in fact give you two main colas. Each one you top after that will double the number. Keep an eye on your canopy size inside the Grobo you want to maximize the right amount of flower in the canopy area.

Notifications will be pushed to your app and email but they can also be found here. :point_down:


Hi @Trip23 - exactly as @Azuri said

The link to that post also has all our notifications in existence. Feel free to peruse them and if you have any questions shoot me a line


Around what days should we be topping abdcstarting lst? I’m at day 19?


Many factors but Grobo team recommends between the 5th and 6th node. So at about 30days roughly first time. Plant health should be considered as it high stress if you do it earlier. I did mine first on day 25 it’s bushy AF now.


Looking good Trip23!

The four colas you are seeing in the picture is actually a couple of the side branches that have caught up to the mains. (One of the cool things about growing in a Grobo) You can remove a couple of the large fan leaves covering those nodes, but all in all, you are doing great! Keep an eye on your height and keep your plant 10 cm(4 inches) away from your LED. You can supercrop to help accomplish this.



Hey Stephen,

I’ve supercropped about 5 branches but the height of the plant is still growing. Should I supercrop every branch that gets within 4 inches of the lights? Also, I’m on day 45 and my grobo hasn’t switched to 12/12 yet. When will that switch take place? Thanks again.


Hi Trip23,

Yes, keep supercropping to keep the buds away from the lights. Another tip you can employ is to pop your coco pod through your lid, so it is floating (sitting anyway) in your reservoir. This will give you a bit more space to work with.

Since this form is anonymous, I don’t know which unit you have or which recipe you are running, but if you submit a ticket with, then I can dig in and offer better assistance.




Your plant appears to be a sativa and it’s looking like a beast! My Indica is growing with tighter node spacing I don’t think I will encounter maxing the height of the Grobo out but who knows!

Looking forward to some bud shots!


This question fits here i think. Today on day nine my plant is producing it’s next branchches of leaves. Right now they are just little spikes, but should be easier to see later today. I’ll post a picture. Would that be the first node.?


I keep reading to top on 4th or fifth node. But have not read a good description of what a node is.


A node @Wolf is basically a new set of leaves that grow each time. Each set is a node that are grown on top of each other they’re also known as bud sites.