Plants over 70 days


True @rouleauj also. Plenty will stem out from the main colas if you’re being conscious of where your light is hitting your plant. I stayed on pruning but only light blockers.


@Dew :eyes::eyes::eyes::fire::fire::fire: she’s looking really good bro those buds gunna look nice… what strain again ?


Thanks @chris_barfield GSC :sunglasses:


Yep your girl looks great. Love those frosty leaves :maple_leaf:


Gsc is classic !!!


Can’t go wrong if you like the best of both worlds! I’m hoping with this stretching she did, she’ll lean towards the sativa phenos… And thanks @rouleauj :+1:


I agree, I was also able to purchase gg#4 x gsc too and am excited to get her going as well.


Damn @Dew that looks crazy good!:star_struck:




Love how dark they are, can you get a couple really close up pics??? Please, :pray:



Beautiful! :heart_eyes::dizzy_face::exploding_head::scream::+1::v:





Congratulations on your Harvest:raised_hands:



Thanks @SilverGrobo I’m really happy with my results compared to my first grow. I’ve learned so many things during my first grow which helped me achieve a much better harvest this time around. Lots of fun during this grow training the plant and seeing just how resilient they truly are. Looking forward to pushing it further with the next grow!


Looks amazing!!!:star_struck::star_struck: Damn!!


Looks good @Rich !


@Rich what genetics is that? Beast mode!!


Lol. Believe it or not this was a seed I got out of an 8th I bought at the dispensary. I’ve been very fortunate with finding seeds in my purchases. Next grow will be running bubble gum :call_me_hand:t3:


That’s how I got the trapstar which ended up being beautiful