Plants over 70 days



I could be wrong of course, but I think Day.91 was @Rich last Flower Day and he should be Flushing now… :wink:

Day: 75; (23/39)~~~Acording to this post… If I did the math right… :smiley:


Photos were from Day: 95 (5/10), just waiting for that window to open up so I can begin harvest.

Hopefully not much longer!


Excited for you @Rich. Following your grow has helped me a lot since you a few weeks ahead and they are growing very similar. Just a shout out!


@Dew thank! I’m really excited to finally take her down, thinking I may pull the trigger in the coming days! Your plant is looking beastly! Good luck with the rest of your grow!


Day 75. Thanks @Rich got some cropping going on, seeing some pistils going brown… she smells amazed like!


So purrdy :+1::v::heart_eyes:


Looks awesome Dew! Frost city🤩


Day: 97


Lookin good brother, lookin good!!! :heart_eyes::exploding_head::beer::+1::v:


Here is my 78 day old plant :stuck_out_tongue:


Love how frosty she is :heart_eyes:


Day: 99

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Looks great, you in flush yet, or another week?


Day 8 of flush


So excited for you so close!! She’s such a beast- If you don’t mind @Rich did you top all the colas or just the main stem?


Thanks @Dew I’m patiently waiting, but trust me it’s been difficult. I know allowing it to go it’s full schedule will benefit me.

Day 25 I topped the main stem and that’s been it other than some supercropping due to stretching that occurred early in flower. Next grow I will look to top twice.


I did the same thing lol. I guess it will vary plant by plant. If my next grow goes as well as this one did i’ll top more too. No stress showing means more topping I’ve decided.


I wouldn’t top more than three times, the first top, then after the new two form those two for a total of six. That with the rest should fill the grobo almost too much


Couple weeks till flush. Fortunate haven’t had to tweak recipe- STICKY WARNING :warning:


Yea that’s what I did with my previous harvest and I was pretty stressed out over space and it filled up quickly too… also by topping those stems lose about quarter in size every time you top … so just be mindful of that as well … I believe bigger stalks and stems = bigger yields