Plants over 70 days


Man enjoy and merry Xmas as well


You live in Winnipeg??? I go through there a few times a year with work. We should hang out next time I’m in town.


Lol winterpeg… nah was s quicker route to Mexico.
I’m in calgary hence yyc hehe


Well I end up in Calgary once in a while too. I’ll let you know. If ever your in YOW shoot me a message too.


I’m in Ottawa every 2 to 3 months. Will be there end of January in a month.


Day 81 - strain: 24k


@Stephen final weight at 29g.

Not disappointed in harvest size at all. This stuff is potent. (I snuck in a doob of the Crystal’s all over with mybworkspace.)
Mines not as thick as the sunset (photo with the container) but after a few grows I suspect I’ll be growing better marijuana than the store.
P.s. if anyone wants the link for the journal to see let me know. Happy to share my thoughts


Looks like fire man!


29 grams is not bad at all !!! At first I thought it said 62 lmaoo …I filled one of those qp mason jars but I’m sure I didn’t pull four ounces … haven’t officially weighed becuase I can’t find any of my many scales … go figure lol… but the quality looks good I just wish my buds were a tad bit tighter … I’ll run a fan next time in flower and see if that helps


Yeah bud should all be loosely packed in those jars for curing it should fit about an OZ In those size jars for the curing process so the buds can breathe.


Day: 87






Day: 90


Day: 91


Day: 95


@Rich RAISE THE ROOF!!! Awesome looking flower!


Thanks @alucard appreciate it! She’s definitely a fan of the camera :camera_flash:



's :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



How much time do you have left? Buds look nicely stacked🤩