Plants over 70 days


after the two weeks of curing, i can smoke? Can i add the boveda packs back in at that point?


Sure can, you can smoke the moment it’s dry enough. Typically you only need Boveda packs if you overdry or to maintain 62%RH for storage.

The wife and I will have the harvest smoked in 6 weeks tops probably less so stored in a glass jar it will be gone before drying out will be an issue for us. Avoid storing your weed in baggies. Worst place to keep your stash IMO but we are all guilty of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Day: 78


@bruno @Chris
Can the team add a test button that after a grow and after cleaning we can click it to ensure pumps work lights work etc


Your a smart guy… wish parts would come apart for cleaning … I swear it’s hard for someone 6ft to fit inside and scrub the entire inside … I swear I should make a video of me trying to make it to the back of my plants … for grobo two they should make the tank be able to turn 360 degrees to tend to the whole plant … not sure if that’s a possibility but would be cool


Interesting on the turning idea. I wonder how that would affect roots. I like it @chris_barfield but seem to have unresolved issues.
45 degree angle mirrors in 2 or 3 corners would also add like 30 percent more light


Yea it was just an idea didn’t think about logistics but yea I wish there was but stronger light … or ways to add supplemental lights


For sure @chris_barfield wasn’t trashing on tour idea if I came across that way man. I always think of the negative usually immediately after thinking of the positive. It’s the black mirror side of me. Lol


@ToddYYC and @chris_barfield I like all the ideas especially the test button to make sure all is good before starting a new grow. For the light issue I’m thinking of lining the inside with reflective mylar film what you think?


Naw naw didn’t sound like that at all … I just didn’t think about how the roots get tangled around the items in the grobo …


Ive read that Matte white works really well but I don’t think we should paint the inside of our units lol the reflective Mylar reflection ratings can be up to 98 percent so your Probky on to something … I wonder if you put the Mylar from top to bottom how would you get the light to penetrate the canopy deep enough to reflect off the lowest parts of Mylar so it can hit the buds that might not grow as big as the upper parts of the plant?


2days away from harvest :snowflake:



mylar film:




Day: 79


She’s looking nice @Rich I’m due for harvest tomorrow can’t wait wonder what weight I’m going to pull since she went through a lot


Yup I’m thinking that might help get light to the bottom of the plant!!





I’ll have my official contest weight in by sunday night!! Merry Christmas everyone


Ugh I just cut her down hopefully I can get her dried and trimmed to place


I had reset the jar to zero weight and started filling it. Didn’t realize it’s like 30 mins of work to cut all the buds off the stems. It powered off so I’ll have to weigh final weigh on Sunday fully dried.
Leaving Winnipeg now to viva Mexico. Merry Christmas everyone.