Plants over 70 days


Hi @Ctaylor684,

Good catch, I’m recycling my drain/fill notification but should have a different one for the flush stage, as there isn’t any food being dispensed at this time. This will be fixed with the introduction of our new notification system coming next year.

Your unit won’t dispense nutes at this point.



@Stephen awesome thank you sir much appreciated like always!! :beers:


Your right @Stephen
It does get easier with practice with the loupe. I think 2 to 3 more days on mine. All the heads are only starting to slightly fill…like 5 %
Excited too I’m on vacation now till 2019.





down to the damn wire here.

I need 3-5 days drying and I leave to Mexico in 5 days. My Trichomes imho are only 50% milky and 20-30% amber tips. Yesterday there wasnt much milkiness to them, more were clear.

Either way, it has to come down Thursday at the latest, that gives me 3 days to dry then toss in a jar and im outty



Have a blast in Mexico! Do you have anyone that can burp that jar a couple times while you are gone? I’d hate to have you come back to mould…



I sure do. From what I can see an hour a day is plenty?


Thanks for mentioning that @Stephen I was going to reply the same thing and got pulled away and forgot.

Hey @ToddYYC open the jar(s) daily for the first week after drying process is done for about 20 to 30 mins a day. 2nd week just “burp” them by opening the jar. This is under the assumption you’ve dried as per the guide I’ve posted in the past. One hour is to much daily and will dry them out to fast IMO.


Thanks for this @Azuri. Our mil will be dog sitting and can open them daily for that much for one week. I can handle the second after. I’m trying to allot for 4 days dry time so I’m hoping to harvest today. Well see in a couple hours.

I am tempted to take the one outdoor transplant down too. His buds are almost there as well snd the plant is suffering now as a result of all power going to buds.

Is there a chance of when drying them together of contaminating the grobo one with a foreign item?.
There are no visible mites or bugs of any kind in the pot. Just curious if this was considered @Stephen in the design?


Oh good, that should take care of your precious terpenes. You should be good to dry outdoor inside the unit. I do recommend a thorough cleaning before the next grow starts, that should eliminate any baddies that have found their way into the system.

Thanks @Azuri, I almost got pulled away too…



Day: 75; (23/39)


@Azuri two questions bud

1.) how much weight do you lose in the drying process, im curious? Does it average at like 10%?

2.) you guys mentioned 3 days dry time, grobo is stating 5. sad face

@Stephen I think the yellow leaves came from dead roots. When i cut her out, half of the roots fell off the plant in lifting it out of the reservoir.


I usually see about 70% weight loss during drying and can lose a bit more in the cure. I’ve extended the dry recipe to 5 days up from 3, but you can take the buds out when they are crisp to the touch.

Got any pics?



Yup, I will share shortly :slight_smile:

I should have taken some of the roots, but it was a literally gloppy mess inside so i just scooped it all out and my hands were wet. (with gloves on)


I forgot to mention.

I got the grobo magnets for drying, except they dont go straight across, they are too short by about 1-1.5 inches.

Is that just mine?

I had to hang everything diagonal.


They are designed to stretch. Just give them a gentle pull and they will cross the chasm.


Hey @ToddYYC yeah I was going to chime in with 75% after drying, trimmed and cleaned.

I dried outside the grobo as I put on a new seed within an hour of my last harvest and a cleaning.

The less dense buds were ready in 3 to 4 days and the bigger denser buds took 5 to 6 days before hitting the jars.


Good to know @Azuri
many of my buds are very big. Trimmed non dried weight with stems is 116g. At 11 or 12 stems I figure 1g each brings it down to 104g minus weight lost in drying.

But if it’s five days for drying, and they are large buds. Then I may have to find an alternative manner in dealing with this when i am gone. I would rather be realistic


Thank you for the tip @Stephen. I felt a bit silly after but it just goes to show that I didn’t want to damage my machine.

P.s. the smell is intensely amazing.


Wait until two weeks after you open up the jar. This is the step not taken by the majority of dispensaries or street weed. It’s all about turn around harvest, dry and sell. Skipping the curing stage can be tempting.