Plants over 70 days


Good Monday morning to everyone!

Great catch @Ctaylor684, you have officially found a bug. A recent update seems to be causing the display on our admin side to be misaligned with the users grow time.

Looking at your unit I see you have entered flush today. You are seeing that you’ve been in flush for 3 days! Our development team is digging into this today, but for now, you are good to drain/fill and your unit won’t dispense nutes. The flush has officially begun.

Sorry about the confusion, we will have a fix out asap.



@Stephen ok thanks, she goes to sleep around 11am but for sure I’m good to drain/fill before then and everything will go as intended (no nutes)?


Yup, I’ll be watching from this end.


@Stephen i did the drain and fill if you could check later today just to make sure it never dispensed that would be great. I wasn’t able to stick around to see if the pump went off.


Success! You were running at 1.14 EC before the drain/fill, you are now at 0.04 which is awesome!



@Stephen Awesome thank you sir for the follow up you are the man!! Will the app change to the correct day or do I just keep in mind I’m 3 days off?


Now that you are into the flush, you are in control. Think of it like an air plane coming in to land. You are over the runway now, it’s up to you when you put the plane on the ground. You can get into trouble if you need much longer than 14 days in flush as the runway starts to run out eventually.



Day 100. Flush 9 of 10. I figure it will be ready in 3 to 4 days. In comparison to my outdoor plant you can see from the last photo.


Looks 100 times frostier, but the outdoor pic is a bit blurry. More snow?


Outdoor plant is doing well for ripping it up after 4 days in a grocery bag and snow. Its interesting to see the differences between indoor hydro vs outdoor sun. Even more so now with only 6 hours of light a day. The buds are about 20 to 30% smaller and more spaced out but still look good. The indoor one is now starting to get cloudy with about 10 to 15 % amber color. This is why I think I’m close for the grobo harvest. The outdoor plants have a month on the grobo grow so I think there about a week or two away.


@Stephen so during the flush stage I thought you had said to only top up correct? The reason I ask is I got a drain and fill notification today, is this something I should do or just top off the tank?


I had this yesterday @Ctaylor684 and did a drain fill anyways as I figure I have 3 to 5 days left and fresh water wont hurt it.


On a side note @Chris I get this every week. Usually during my drain and fill. This week I got it about 14 hours after as you can see. When I got home I checked and no issues. It does not need aqua 14 hrs later.
Perhaps a glitch?


@Azuri @greenman @Stephen
Figure shes about done. ? Feedback?


Same. :+1:


Well just a couple things to consider which are personal choices on the strength effects you like from your stash. I’ve got a high tolerance so I lean to more amber trichomes. Here’s a little chart that’s should help you decide. The one I can see on the pic is defiantly amber and no longer clear or cloudy so it’s good to go. :+1:



Hey @Ctaylor684,

I would definitely drain and fill the unit if you haven’t in the flush stage. You want your EC to drop and the plant to eat it’s reserves. Once you have done this, you can simply top up.



Hey @ToddYYC,

We are aware of this bug and will be closing the Beta program for this feature soon. Thanks for kicking the tires on this one for us, we gained valuable insight.



Sounds good Stephen. Glad it’s not a new item to the list.


@Stephen ok I hear you. I just got another notification and it says grobos water needs changed. So it can have a fresh nutrient solution. Does this mean it will dispense nutes? Thought we didn’t want that? I’ve attached the notification.