Plants over 70 days


@Azuri do you believe it makes that big a difference flushing it twice. I will do my weekly drain fill tonight so I might just do that


I don’t know first hand, I seen a discussion about it after i had completed my grow. :thinking:


Hey everyone been super busy last month or so I’ll have updates soon. I’m getting close to the end here and a day away from entering stage 6 the flushing stage, super excited. So here is my question, I am on day 48 of 49 of flowering (49th day is tomorrow) and am supposed to do a drain and fill tonight but enter the flush stage day after tomorrow. Could I wait a day and put straight distilled water in, or would it just be best to do the drain and fill and in a day do it again when I enter the flush stage?


It is totally up to you… It is your call… If you need a top off tonight (if needed) and a drain/fill on Flush Day… You run the show in your (Grobo)…


@SilverGrobo thanks that’s what I was thinking just checking with the bright people on here. :green_thumb:


Hey @Ctaylor684

If you do a drain and fill prior to your app actually saying your in flush stage it will dispense a full set of nutrients. I would suggest waiting until the app has flipped to the last stage and then drain and fill. One week of nutrients will be wasted if you jump the gun a day early doing a drain and fill. If you’re not going to be there for the flush transition day then yeah some other alternative is required.


@Azuri thanks for the advice. That’s what I ended up doing just holding off thought the same thing waste of nutrients.


Am I supposed to get a notification to do drain and fill when it hits flush stage, or do I do it manually @Azuri?


If you app says day 1/10 of flush hold off until tomorrow if notification hasn’t come up. I know they come at different times for people but if you flipped today it should be your next notification. Someone else may have to chime in since I had support start my flush manually not via the app since I extended my flower period.

If you want to try it now sit there after the fill is complete. Bottles 3, 4 and 5 should not dispense if the reciepe has flipped to flush.

Happy flushing! PS if you need to ripen up further you can overrun the 10 day flush I went 12, smoke and taste is amazing. :+1:


@Azuri ok I hear what your saying my notifications come in at 8am my days change around 2pm, so I just hit flush(1/10) a couple hours ago. I’ll hold off until tomorrow morning. Thank you I appreciate the help.


Great observation mine are the same but reversed. My day flips at 8:00pm and notifications come out at 2:00am. Here’s another tidbit if you request any changes to your receipe the moment they save your updated reciepe notification times and drain and fill days can change, make no changes and it will be effortless to the end. :+1:


Mine came up during flush no issuss


today’s top up


Well I got an update this morning and it was a fill notification. So I drained and filled it, I definitely saw bottles 3, 4 and 5 dose so far. I watched the bottle level go down. What the heck? My app definitely says flush. Wasn’t it not supposed to dose? Of course it happens on a weekend when Grobo team isn’t there to check there end grrr. What to do now just wait till Monday when someone is in the office or drain and pull the bottles out then fill again not to sure on this one. Any ideas @Azuri or anyone really. This is why I can’t wait till we have more control over the unit and are able to see more information like the data they see from all the sensors that are in the Grobo.

@Chris any thoughts on this?


Hang tight until Monday, extra day or two nutes won’t hurt just run the flush a bit longer. All I can say for sure when I switched to flush it didn’t dispense bottles 3, 4, & 5. I had grobo guys check my EC to confirm that it was in fact low where it should be for flush.

Option #2 if your buds are ready and must start flush drain and fill and leave bottles 3, 4 & 5 and connect with Grobo guys on Monday.


Hey @Ctaylor684, outta shear curiosity did the notification say to just fill? Or drain n fill? I’m starting to think when I go to flush that week when its time to do a “drain/fill” and you know you’re are going into flush, I think I might just “top off”. Does that make sense? That way the unit doesn’t register a drain, dispense nutes all that jazz. Frustrating though I get if its not suppose to in the first place. I know this doesn’t help now, but future grows and others who are having any issues with end stages.


Just disconnect the bottles


@Dew it was actually just the “check your water level” notification. Maybe I should have just filled it up and waited till a notification actually said to drain/fill, but my app said it had switched to flush so I thought I would drain/fill and start the final process not expecting it to dose the reservoir.

Looking back now @chris_barfield I did think in my head to take out bottles 3 4 and 5 just so this wouldn’t happen and I should have, but also thought since the app switched it wouldn’t dose. Oh well live and learn I’ll get with the experts at the Grobo team Monday see what they say!!


Yup, don’t quote me on that but I think that is the disconnect. Once he app and the notification come out then your good. :+1:



Hope the (GroboTeam) can explain why the nutrients are dispersing in (Flush)…