Plants over 70 days


It’s a whole different world down there eh?


Yeah I wish they’re was a better way to take some photos but would need a much better scope


I must also ask @Stephen
Do you just cut a bit of the plant off to put under the loupe or is there a special spot to harvest from for checking


exciting :grin:


Great question @ToddYYC,

As I observe the buds ripening and I’m approaching the end of the schedule, I’ll use the scope on the plant. It is a skill you will develop, but it’s a bit of a challenge at 1st. Once I get close, I’ll cut off a bud to check it out on a stable surface. Much easier to adjust the scope when the bud is still.

Some growers will remove the large, apex buds 1st and leave the lower ones an extra couple days to get the full sun and ripen up a bit more. You may have heard the mantra ‘No bud before it’s time’. I’m just too busy to harvest this way. I take the whole plant down at the same time.



Ok so exactly what I was doing. I removed a small white trichome part and out it on a table it was too hard to do holding it there either my particular loupe. Thanks for sharing. I suspect they sill start to change colour after it starts flushing in a few days


How are these?? So hard to yo gr that perfect shot


Hard to tell if they are amber or cloudy by my eye but great pics either way !! Looks cool


Only starting to get cloudy and no amber yet


Hard to tell in the pics but yeah I’d say for sure more time, I ran my flush like 12 days.


Not sure what’s going on with old girl here. She’s suppose to be an auto flower northern lights strain. I’m on day 74 and that’s after support setting me back almost a month so really she’s def over 74 days. She’s getting some hairs but no other signs of budding. Not really sure what’s going on. She’s obviously very bushy as well. Any suggestions?


Hmm I didn’t think there was an Auto that ran that many days in veg? Maybe the gene that is required for your auto was mutated. Try sending a ticket and flipping to 12/12 and see if that works?


Yea, I didn’t realize it was an autoflower at first. So I just had it under northern lights receipe an then when I told support it was an autoflower they adjusted some things and set me back a few weeks an then I updated them at the beginning of Nov and they pushed me 17 days back again. So no clue what day I’m really on. I sent another ticket/email to them a few days ago. Hopefully will have some answers soon.


@Azuri the flush is automatic right?
So I’m day 91 and day 40/ 39 on flowering which means I should be day 1 on the flush cycle right


Hey @ToddYYC

The new app number of days was rolled out while I was in flush or completed flush since I had run over the 10 days of flush. It is automatic and when they rolled out the change mine didn’t say number of days left it just “Ready to Harvest”


Great question… @Stephen should know the answer to this one… ((Or maybe :email: Message GroboTeam for an answer to this one…)) Let us know why the Flush countdown didn’t start for you… :thinking:


[quote=“SilverGrobo, post:36, topic:1642”]
Great question… @Stephen should know the answer to this one… ((Or maybe :email: Message GroboTeam for an answer to this one…)) Let us know why the Flush countdown didn’t start for you… :thinking:
[/quote]Easy answer.

My days switch at 6 or 7pm. So I just opened it at 644pm here and I see I’m on day 1 flush of 10. When I have more control over scheduling timing long term that will be less awkward hehehehe


Hey guys, thought this might help, but now I just got another question. Does this mean @Stephen that the unit will flush for the last 10 days of your recipe assuming all was well, but if you decided to continue the grow, it would start dispensing nutes again?

Extending your grow

What happens if my plant isn’t ready to harvest before the end of my recipe you ask? We have good news. The Grobo will continue automatically following the recipe for as long as you wish after the recommended harvest date. This way you can rest assured you will be able to harvest at the time you choose and maximize the quality of your bud. End your grow on your time.


Hi @Dew & everyone,

Currently, the system will not dispense nutes during the last ‘flush’ stage. This stage lasts for 10 days and will extend past that, but will not dose any food. The pH is balanced the entire stage. When you see you have entered the flush stage, perform a drain and fill. From then on just top up the reservoir to keep the plant drinking. The leaves may change colour as it approaches the finish line, good sign.



Hey @Dew I put a different spin on it. I did my final drain and fill for the flush and just kept topping up during the 12 days it’s only pH water no nutrients. Going forward I will do two flushes on day one of flush to ensure the majority of the nutes are gone from the root ball not that the plant didn’t use them up after 12 days but it would be better if you do a shorter flush.