Plants over 70 days


She’s looking right I’m hitting my tenth day of stretch now


I’m sure I asked this before but what strain is that again?





:poop::eyes::muscle:t4::fire::evergreen_tree: Breed by who?


That was dews previous grow I don’t think it was gg4. I think it was girl scout cookies. Dews currently growing gg4 pretty sure


Would love to know who made it


this is her last day at 12am she’s coming down and into my herb dryer :tada:


Looking forward to the report on the herb dryer​:+1::v:


She stacked up


@chris_barfield you guys are the ones that truly know how much that statement is true I had to support them as you can see :muscle:t4::evergreen_tree:


Yea she is definitely beating out this trapstar pheno I’m finishing up … retiring her after this run she’s just doesn’t yield… end product is top notch but just a tiny yielder


I definitely think I was lucky on both categories these mugs look huge I feel the final Product is going to be extremely high-quality. I already have my trim area ready little under 6 hrs to go :partying_face:


Shit I would just pull her down now lol… what’s six hours gunna do lol… yea man I can’t to take mine down she’s dripping in stickyness… only issue is she isn’t throwing any amber trichomes she’s already been flushing for two weeks and had a full nine weeks of nutes on top of that…


Wtf no amber at all ??

I want to see what the Grobo webpage looks like when it ends


Some have purple stems on the trichomes but the heads of the trichomes are clear so I don’t know


And you already started flushing ouch
She needed time her sativa side was shining through


Been in flush for about two weeks now think tonight will be day 14 of flush I’m schedule for another three days and take her down on April 1st but not sure … might ask for them to extend my nights


I wonder why yours is 14 days and mine was 10


I asked for an extension so my flush is 17 days