Plants over 70 days


@rouleauj exactly I’m running the trapstar again from a clone. The quality of my bud was beyond great… I also yielded a little over 2 ounces but never took an official picture … so now that I’m rerunning I’ve added supplements and I’m controlling ppm myself … My main goal is to try and push out 4 ozs and keep the same quality … I should be able to do it because the mom faced an enormous amount of stress and still yeilded… the clone won’t see that stress


As long as it’s good and you like it it’s a win win! :beers:


@Stephane I’m definitely proud of this harvest, she was a very exciting plant :seedling: from start to finish.


One tweak I found that paid huge dividends towards the end of the grow, I wanted to introduce some additional airflow to the top of the plant as she had stretched quite a bit. So I placed a fan directly in front of her with the door open. I experimented with a few minutes a day to a few hours and let me tell you what, every morning after the fan was introduce just constant increase in biomass density.

Wish you the best of luck on the rest of your grow! Looking forward to seeing your harvest results!



I think the reason is cannabis is a wind pollinated species so when the buds feel more wind in a particular area they tend to grow bigger becuase it assumes the wind will be carrying the pollen


Oh absolutely @chris_barfield I was just so shocked how well the plant responded once I introduced the additional airflow. Really looking forward to tweaking the next grow quite a bit.


Day 85 :smiley:


@Rich I may do that. I was looking to get a small battery powered fan I could rig inside. I tried one with a cord but it was pretty hard to close the door. Majority of my good buds are up above the second fan now and I’m not seeing much movement. But yes I think I shall experiment!


Just a few updated shots after a couple days of curing




Day 86 getting into final push. Left a low :bulb: on with door open as she went to sleep to get a couple night shots. I’m blown away with the quality def should’ve cloned this girl :confused:


Well done dew


Thanks @rouleauj as you can imagine its been a combination of a lot of things, including this forum! I already want to give a thank you speech and I haven’t chopped her down yet :joy:


:joy: Dew, you crack me up :laughing:




She’s loooooking pretty good I just flipped my clone over … but yours is looking good dude


Mess up. Will repost


image image image image image image
Bud City. Will probably add another week to the end of my recipe.


And I’ve always posted multiple pics, not sure why these are all posted as one and not individually. The quality isn’t as good and I cant zoom in! Little things like this bug me when I don’t get it lol