Plants over 70 days


Day 81!!! Woot!!!





Yeah buuuuddy! That is some nice bud porn lol looks great!! :dizzy_face::scream::exploding_head::heart_eyes:


Couple weeks to go can’t seem to wait. :snowflake::snowflake:


@Dew did you push your pod through already?


Yes I did. Probably been more than a week ago by now-


Sheesh @Dew what are you growing?


Some GSC. I’ll be curious if its any different than the Canuk cookies seeds I have-


@Dew I’m growing blimburn GSC but had no clue until after it was crossed with green crack… oh well


Those couple giant branches lol. Rest of the plant seems to be level except those beasts lol. BUT MANNNNNN!! Frost ciiiitttyyyyyy🤩


Hey @Stephen I was wondering if it’s possible to top to low. The yellow arrow shows the difference but I also know the smaller stem didn’t get as much light the first couple weeks after topping as I only noticed with enough time to get it to where it grew now. Hope that makes sense…
@Russel_Richardson the red circles are for you my friend. They represent each cola attached to main stem. The very bottom two I should have cropped over like that weeks ago. I lost one cola completely to not getting light/room to grow and as you know topped main stem once. The height difference is mostly light difference. I’ll be much more pro active second go around with what’s getting light. Had to learn experience it first hand. Still happy with everything the more you put in the more you get out esp with this amazing plant :seedling:



You are right on the money, the more you put in, the more you get out. Can you top the plant too early? I like to top between the 4th and 6th node to start. Can you supercrop too low? Yes, you are looking to get you top buds horizontal within 6 inches of your light. This is ideal.

Hope that helps,


Headed to the jar!


What a beautiful beast!


Damn @Rich. That looks unreal, just caked… Hope you get a good yield out of her!


Thanks @Russel_Richardson I’m really happy with the quality of this harvest, however the yield was not as much as I’d anticipated. 24 grams was the total with a significant amount of sweet leaf and larf for butter. Again, I would like to stress how much better quality I achieved with this grow. I’ve now sampled the bud and holy shit it’s sticky, pungent, and smooth as hell!


@Rich I would be super proud of that harvest. I don’t think there will ever be a harvest where we don’t want more then what is there.

I’m crossing my fingers for a full Oz for my first harvest but I’m just so happy I even made it to where I’m at now lol.


Brother Rich,

Quality over quantity. You my brother have harvested beautiful, quality ganja, in a relatively new growing situation/environment. Now that you have quality, it’s time to focus on quantity. I suggest you run the same strain, whilst tweeking other variables. You did well with the strain, but don’t you want to know how best you can do with that strain?


Forgot, beautiful harvest!!! :scream::heart_eyes::fist::+1::v::exploding_head::joy::smiley::beer: