Plants over 60 days


Thanks Jerry! Yup I did some homework on it and it was a better value for me and I managed to pick it up for $90 Canadian all in from Amazon so it was it was the best bank for my buck and a quality product!


Here’s a pic from a trim :).


Day 76, OG Kush.


Real Bushy… :wink:


Got me. I was drinking coffee when I clicked and now have it on my monitor. A true lol with a bit of coffee spittle added in for good measure.

Now where is that windex and paper towel…



Can’t wait to endure flower on the 16th and see what I get!!! I’m in fear my plant might grow to close to the light she getting close to the second fan in veg!!! Stalk smells mike gas !!! Fingers crossed it’s a female !!!


It’s gonna happen with that plant, you can tell already. :wink:


Day 83: OG Kush

Getting a bit long in the tooth now. Watching daily to choose harvest day.

I ordered this Loupe a couple days ago to keep a closer eye…


Stackingggggg hard @rainstorm3


Go, go, go, go!


Another few days under the belt. @Stephen wasn’t wrong when he said let it fill out. Still not looking quite ready, so it might end up being right on the money for harvest date (nov 8).




Looking good!


Those buds tho :eyes:
Sharing is caring lol :laughing:
I’ll be over when it’s time to blaze :smirk:


For those following along at home…I tried to take a pic through my loupe…man that was hard.
But if you zoom in you can see that the trichomes look mostly clear still. And even though I couldn’t get a good pic of a whole bud, only the top 1/4 or so of the pistils have turned amber. So I think my end date of Nov 8 for harvest should work just fine and dandy.


What microscope you get off Amazon?


@Bongsmoker89 I got [This one](【】Snowmanna-60X Pocket… but it’s super tiny. But it does have a light on it which is nice.


Wow. Link insert fail.
Imma just leave it though because the link actually works.


It was wicked hard to do with our scope too… :laughing::wink::camera::camera_flash::herb::eye::face_with_monocle:
Your shots came out awesome… :smiley::green_thumb:


@SilverGrobo it was just hard to hold a steady hand. I was wishing for an actual microscope, but I mean, how bad do I really need pictures of my plants. Haha