Plants over 40 days but under 60


I don’t see any pistols I’m only seeing new growth? What day of what stage are you on @Memnock22


@Azuri is there a way to tell? I think I am on week 2 or 3 of flowering stage. There are pistils they are really small right now.


Hey mem, the only real way to tell is to send in a ticket to @Stephen. He’ll look at the data. Alternatively if you’re grow is in a grobo you should see what stage and number of days you’re at under your grobo icon on the “app”. Looking at it though, I agree with Azuri. I personally would top more and if need be add a week to flower forward the end. It’s growers choice at this point and no real wrong answer. Experiment where and when you can. It will only make you a better grower! :+1::v:


If you still have 7 or more days in late vegitaion which the app will tell you you can top again if the app says your in transition stage or flower stage don’t do it.

@rouleauj the app was updated after you left so growers can see what stage they are at now…this was a huge upgrade for the app. Look at this pic below…


Yep, exactly what I was referring to. I’ve seen it several times since being back. A great addition I must say! :+1::joy:


Next thing they should do is somehow make the levels of the bottles show right there as well in real time. Not sure how they’d do it other than program how much is in each bottle and each time nutes are released, the program subtracts said amount from said bottle and voila, levels should match up. Just my two cents :+1::v:


Ah ok my bad I didn’t know, I knew you were in the process of coming back wasn’t sure if was a done deal so officially welcome back!


Once I cleared all notifications it showed up. Here’s where I’m at.


Yeah forgot to tell you about the messages. Think you missed the boat on topping, trim again in another week. :+1:


Agreed. He could top, but would probably have to add a week or two to the end. I’d probably just let her go at this point. Trim her though and lollipop a bit more. :+1::v:


Hey thanks @Azuri. Just waiting for my nutes to arrive. My pump for the air stone shit the bed though. I bypassed it from the back panel, by removing the tube from the internal pump to my own. Don’t know why peeps were using infinite full mode when their pump shit out but here’s what I did;

See the cruddy shyte on top of the internal pump? Not sure why she shit the bed but I’ll bet it was because she got wet somehow. :+1::joy:


Thanks for all your help guys!


Any time! We’re always down to help if we can otherwise we’ll send you to Stephen. Good luck brother, and keep us posted. :+1::v:


Ah yeah I’ve looked in that little access door and seen the airline I actually bought a spare pump as many were having issues at the beginning. Knock on wood mine has been ok.

I started getting a strange vibration I think similar to what @Rich had and it was driving me bananas trying to find the source. At first I thought it was some veg in the fans made sure it was they are clear. With the Grobo running I poked at the lower fan and bzzzzzt on my finger, doh don’t blaze before troubleshooting. Anywhoo turns out that ended that annoying vibration sound. This what led me to have a peak in little access door. :joy:


Funny you say that. I got a new light recently and when I was setting her up and running preliminary tests there was this crazy noise from the fans. Thought, oh shyte, I got a bad unit! Turns out one of the ends of a zip tie was playing with the fan :joy::scream::exploding_head: freaked me out for a second but boy was I glad that was the issue and not a faulty unit. :+1::v:


Hey @Memnock22 my 2 cents after looking really closely at the last pic you posted, does look like very beginning pistils… still won’t hurt for them to look at your data though.


Chronic Widow Day 58 (6/39) flowering. Before and after trim. Some stems turning reddish/purple, bud spots starting to show. Clipped off all new growth at the bottom + some of the fan leaves in the way of bud spots. Still learning the trim process. It seems like a lot of the fan leaves I need to trim have budding around the cola. Is this ok to trim or should I have left it. As always I appreciate the comments. @Azuri @rouleauj @Dew








Hey @Memnock22 I don’t think you got to much to worry about over there. She’s gonna explode now after that trim and looks really healthy. From what I’ve picked up on with stem color changing is the amount of light hitting it and genetics…


Looks great @Memnock22

Yeah it’s common for the stems to go reddish into flowering as well as change from soft to a more woody structure. On the pic from the top view I’d cut off one of those large leaves off each cola. The ones that hang over the centre of the plant. Let the light rain right down the middle of the plant. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: