Plants over 40 days but under 60


Anyone else growing pineapple express ?


Thank you for the advice I will study and implement this. I’ll report on result. Thanks again!


Similar setup I have renaldo. Monster double monitor PC and 1 grobo. I have to keep the door shut for noises lol. Mostly the PC though.


Day: 43; Transition Stage (5/14)

Wanted to take advantage of the one of the last safest windows to defoliate before we hit flower.

This plant is ready to take off in the coming days :christmas_tree:


Hey @Renaldo, any update on C99?







Got some pics just now with the lights off and just my phone… purple coming in

Day 39 of flower


Daaaamn look at that frost! :star_struck:


Phone doesn’t even do it justice bro at all @Russel_Richardson


Oh I wouldn’t doubt it lol


Day: 56; Flower (4/39)


Yes I do actually the middle pic after dropping pod and using some of the suggested techniques. The 1st pic is day 60 and 3rd is from day 67. In the time though I’ve had to go in a few times to work managing the space so it doesn’t make contact with the sun. The community came clutch with great advice thank you everyone!

Help my plant is touching the lights

So awesome @Renaldo, she’s a beast. Great job on the turn around and those pics are def useful! :facepunch:


Day: 59; Pistils have arrived :seedling:


Nice @Rich what strain again? I’m 10 days away from flush and all of a sudden the stench is crazy … complete change from sugar cookie smell to gassy cake batter


Yeah @chris_barfield I’m on day 2 of flush and the smell has been noticeable for a fee weeks butnoretty much only when opening the office door. Mine is a skunk so there is smell


This is Hash Haze; Indica. The stretch of this plant over the last week has been a challenge to adjust to, but I think I have no other option than to supercrop. No worries though, we are right on track :call_me_hand:t3:


Yes I’ve heard hazes are a bit lengthy and finicky great choice


Day: 62; had to supercrop a few branches, these plants are incredibly resilient!