Plants over 40 days but under 60


Day 41 she sure has grown in the last few days. So cool to literally watch her grow by the day. Topped once and minor trimming to clear out the bottom bud sites, I used those and made some clones. It has Been super hot but she seems to be doing well.


If your looking for a more convenient way of getting the proper water for your plant I would invest in a Distilled water maker they are not that expensive…much easier then having to go get water every week😁


Finally her pistils are coming out. Its a girl! ($#@%!)


#freaking awesome our grows aren’t to far behind

What are you running again? @ToddYYC


2017 cannabis strain of the year winner called special queen #1

  • Breedeur: Royal Queen Seeds
  • Variété Originale: Cross maison
  • Type de graines disponible: Féminisée
  • Parents: Power Bud x Skunk
  • Origines pay-bas
  • Génotype Indica / Sativa




Oh sugar sugar 10x Zoom on a bud site or two !! She’s starting to smell like cherry fuel


How’s the smell outside the grobo?


Honestly as of right now it just smells like a house that has plants in it not bad or weed like yet… and it’s only surrounding the grobo as of right now


Keep us posted on that


@Stephen @Azuri @Ctaylor684

Day 45. I’ve done a bunch of cropping/lollipoping. How do I know if I’ve done enough?

Also waiting to tell if it’s male or female but haven’t seen sacks or white pistal yet.


@Gatorsfn28 to me it looks like you have done enough to for now. Although different people different opinions. That been said your plant looks happy and has a nice green. What type of seed are you using bag seed or from a seed bank? Around week 7 I think is when you should be able to tell if it’s male or female. Day 45 you said so might still be another week but just around the corner. I hope this helps some.


It’s a judgement call just let the bottom of the plant breath if it’s too bushy, in veg stage you don’t need to do much or any trimming, let it grow you’ll be do enough stress if you are topping. Defoliate prior and a couple weeks into flower evenly. You’ve done plenty for now. :+1:





This one is actually bag seed. OG Kush. Hope it’s a female!


Talk to her lmao that’s what I did with my bag seed trapstar and to be real it’s one of the strongest plants I’ve grown considering everything I did to stress her !! Wish I had some male pollen and cuz I would def like seeds from her


I believe I’m on day 52. Pineapple express. Growing bigger daily.


Looking super happy for sure :+1:


Double grobo set up. First time grower.

Day 47 for both

Pic 1 & 2 - Cindy99 - I’m fast running out of space in the grobo. Any sage advice on how to handle such a predicament? I have read to drop the coco pod in and to gently guide the branches away.

Pic 3 - Strawberry Cough


Wow x2. Great looking plants! You’ve got some supercroping to do, dropping the coco pod in will gain you an inch or two. Here’s a little guidance for supercroping. :+1: