Plants over 40 days but under 60


I was thinking since we have the same strain of plant on a similar timeline, and we have treated our plants a little differently ( @azuri lollipopped his and did some training along the way, and all I’ve done is trim a little and only topped once), it will be really neat to see how our plants turn out and what they yield!


Think everybody is curious what it will yield lol


@rainstorm3 what a bounce back


@chris_barfield I know! It’s so bushy. Underneath there are so many nodes on nodes it’s insane. Wondering how it will all turn out! Maybe the stress in the beginning made her stronger.


Definitely made her stronger lol … I just got my sprout of the wedding cake just now so I’m back in the game hopefully everything goes well

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Ok here’s a little update:

I gave my girl a sizeable haircut on day 49 and the other picture is today and you can see the amount of veg created in 5 days, Cycle is now 12/12 for the last 3 days so no sign of buds yet.

Day 49 after trimming:

And now today day 54:


Damn she filled out quick. Looks great! Keep ok keepin on. She’s an indica dominant strain eh


Day 52-OG kush:
Gave her a wee haircut today to try to let some more light onto the bud sites. Lights flip tonight (I think) to the 12/12 flowering stage. Already some signs of the buds taking shape. Humidity is pretty darn high but doesn’t seems to be overly affecting the plant as it’s still hovering around the right temp.


I think flowering you don’t want to go over 40 percent humidity from what I’ve been reading


Oh Kush, day 70. Almost done 12/12 cycle. Looking pretty good!

I am not sure, but I suspect that with my mostly hands-off approach I am going to end up with lots of larf on the bottom. Oh well, I’ll get my CBD salve going!


Hey @rainstorm3

Are you that close to harvest? I get mixed up about our grow days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I added 11 to mine due to multiple toppings and other LST. Here’s a snap shot of my grow and I’m at day 77 with 19 days of stage 5 left and then a 10 day flush prior to harvest. I may even have to add a week to my flower cycle to ensure its matured to my liking. How many days away until your flush?



@Azuri I have no idea where I’m at this grow! I switched around so much in the beginning and days added and subtracted here and there I’ve completely lost track.

I’m on day 70, but it’s actually day 80, and my flowering light cycle also got pushed back too. Sooooooooo anyone’s guess. Actually. I’m sure @Stephen has the goods but ya, I think if I had to guess my flush starts oct 3 or 4? But I’m not sure that makes sense as my grow is due to end officially Nov 8.

There has been too many adjustments for me to keep track. Lol. As of now I’m going by look of plant.


My recommendation would be to find out how many days left in stage 5, I think it might be just a bit soon judging by the pics. The popcorn bud on the bottom is what it is but the main colas should fill out some more. :herb:

Another good read :point_down:


Hi @rainstorm3,

Here is what I’m seeing on my end for your schedule…


Harvest date expected is Nov. 8th, entering flush 10 days before that. From the looks of your buds, you should be right on!



@Stephen excellent! Thanks.


@Chris @bruno @Stephen @bjorn can we have the app
Have a section where we can look at the schedule ? Basically what you screenshotted to @rainstorm3 is there a way you can add that to our app like you did the grow journal?

I think it would be very helpful for everyone to see how far along they are and how soon they are approaching different stages so they can plan accordingly for things like lollypop and also gear up to fight the smell !!


It would be cool to see this feature in the app and extend grow time from it as well…
Whoops like chris said I just took a huge hit on the gravity bong and didn’t see Chris comment lol


Thought I’d throw in Day 48 pics.

Guess I should have topped her, but I am happy.


She looks like she is still going to stack hard though !!! I go into flowering today wanna see what mine does I topped twice … nervous about lillypopping don’t wanna cut off too much