Plants over 40 days but under 60


Hey @rainstorm3

Well depending on the stretch as per @stephen a plant can double in height or more. I also topped at an early age of day 25. Those two colas alone have grown 3 inches since I topped it and I just topped it again yesterday so don’t be alarmed by the height.

I’ll keep the community posted on the stretch when it begins.


Looking good @Azuri @ToddYYC. Can’t wait for those flowers to start coming in…


@Stephen is there a way you can look into my data and tell me what was the issue were for the grow I ended last night. I’d like to know why my plant never recovered if it’s possible ? Also I think my new drain and fill is now at 12am est , is there a way to change it to like the morning ?

@ToddYYC @Azuri @rainstorm3 your plants are looking beautiful guys … I’m not going to lie I’m hating on y’all :joy: I killed my plant last night becuase it wasn’t recovering and every new growth ended up turning brown and curling and dieing so i said fudge it and killed her … I have tons better genetics and it was a bag seed anyway so oh well :pensive:

Does anyone know how long it takes for coco pods to come in ? I want to run an experiment I have a trapstar growing in soil and she is a meannnnnnnnnn one growing out of control and is already stinky at 4 weeks … thinking if I order some coco pods maybe I might be able to figure out a way to transplant her into the grobo from soil … probly will fail but worth a try for the grobo team and the community… plus I don’t have a traditional grow setup so she would end up dieing regardless…


Under your app in settings is light settings. Change the time to what you want…deliveries from grobo are at a week or less


I’m not too worried about the light settings I was more so wondering if they can change what time my grobo thinks a new day starts and for drain/fill I don’t want to have to wait till 12 am every Wednesday lol


Hey @chris_barfield

For what it’s worth the notification may come at a certain time but you can do the drain and fill later that day or evening. My time used to be 11:00pm and now that my reciepe got modified it’s at 2:00pm. It seems to be tied into when your reciepe got saved last I guess. :man_shrugging:


When you updated from blueberry the BlackBerry it reset my fill/drain day in Tuesdays. I didn’t get the notification today. What day did it change too?


Pre-flowering trimming beginning, which starts Saturday. Hoping to see some stretch over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Sea of Green Screen

@Azuri what did you build in there? Looks like a perfectly fit fridge rack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was thinking the same lol


Nice @Azuri!

This seems to be a SCRoG!!

Screen of Green is used to develop an even canopy, maximising yield. I love to see a true weed wizard at work.



@Stephen I know that’s what it is…but what did crafty, clever @Azuri make it out of?! Lol


Magnets and metal bars? Or soon well see him selling grobo accessories hehehehe side job. Hey @Azuri


All these wonderful inquiring minds!

Well believe it or not I made it out of an old closet shoe rack I didn’t use any more from like Walmart or somewhere. Used a pair of snips and cut it to size and bought some magnatic pins from the dollar store. The nice thing about my custom one is I can raise or lower anywhere within the grobo.

One of the shelves pictured below. :+1:

Sea of Green Screen
Community Grow Photos

Love the recycling!!! Us budget conscious peeps always find a cheaper alternative :rofl:


You know the old saying necessity is the mother of all inventions. :joy:


I knew it looked like a pre-fabbed rack. Nice job @Azuri!!
Smart repurpose.


Hope to see something like this as design feature for future Grobo’s. 4 magnetic clips (2 on either side) that allow you to raise, lower or remove a designed manufactured screen. It’s light weight, great for training and tying up plants.


@Azuri or grobo make magnetic trellis net also make the cover of the reservoir a magnetic material for lst … also make the parts removable to clean easier … also and option to have lights running without the other parts like reservoir and dosing system… I think that would make the grobo useful for soil growers who might want to swap out or like how the grobo blends in… I smoking some gmo cookies just now and thought it would be cool to be able to sit a soil based plant in there and use the lights and carbon filter for a grow … think you could market the grobo Better that way too almost like a dual purpose kind of thing … like I said a high thought but pretty cool…


Day 45- OG Kush

Had been topped once a couple weeks ago and small haircut of some of the lower fan leaves a couple days ago. Might do another trim in a few days. 12/12 Flowering light cycle due to start in 8 days.