Newbie questions


@Andyrmt I started my LSt in the later vegetation stage. I just place the moved the stem where I wanted it to be and used the magnets to prop it up. You have to keep checking on it every day or so as the plant starts to grow so you can readjust and keep it in the shape that you like. The earlier you start LST the better or rather easier to move the stem and leaves around as you like. I was also using a soft pipe cleaner for Lst many users have crafty ways of doing it.


Thanks @alucard I do! I’ll take your advice but I’m only on day 23.:blush:


@Andyrmt start lst as soon as you can makes it easier for you to manipulate the plant the way you want … there really isn’t any bad to do it… only thing to keep in mind is that you are aiming for maximum light to each possible bud site as well as making mchutes that might turn into a cola …if I were you I would top at the 4th node spread them like a y and get them as flat as you can and the new branches and chutes will grow up like new colas


I have no idea where the fourth node is I will top this morning and can you suggest a good cannabis grow training book for better yields for a beginner like me? Thanks @chis_barfield :slight_smile:


Hi @Andyrmt,

I recommend new growers let the plant show you what it’s all about for the 1st grow, and keeping the stress to a minimum. Once you have a harvest under your belt, then it’s time to top, fim, tie down, suppercrop and lollipop.

I find this site to be a great resource with champion growers always willing to offer their advice and help. Youtube helps too, but there is misinformation out there, so be careful.

Good luck!

PS - Nodes are sets of branches.


Thanks @Stephen I will keep the stress minimal and will keep doing research and coming here to learn. Waiting on my purchase and the repair kit you’re sending. Thanks.


I know that feeling. Yes the water should be bubbling. Mine wasn’t but I didn’t know that it was supposed to be. :slight_smile:


@Stephen it’s my first grow too and I have been winging it with the topping and LST etc. I’m sure i did a ton of mistakes so far but I’m loving trying things and seeing where it goes from there.