New grow, thc bomb 6 days old


Wow🤩 looks so good!


Is this day 6 from you planting the seed??


The first pic he posted was. This is probably late in veg now


Sorry my 6day photo turned into my community grow journal :joy:


Also is it ok to trim more? The Larger fan leaves and more of the below branches not getting light.


I took off my huge veg leaves that were blocking the lower stuff. Just don’t get scissor happy it can happen pretty quick, I’ve done it lol. No more than 20%:+1:


How often can you trim?


I usually wait a couple weeks to do more, or until the smaller leaves have become huge again and then trim those. I was only taking off a little mind you my leaves weren’t as big as your mammoth leaves :joy:



New grow, thc bomb 6 days old

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Can’t wait for the hands off approach

This Topic was made starting on @toeknee first snapshot… :wink:


She’s looking good and happy:smiley: