Master kush


Day 81, 15/39


Day 87 21/39 flower.

The smell is unreal. It was sweet at first but it’s starting to smell reaallyyy pungent now😁

Lots of bud sites I’ve lost count lol.


Day 92, 26/39

I cannot believe the smell coming off her. So good!


I know what you mean ref the smell at this stage of the grow. Mine smells sooooo good. I just stick my head in the grobo every day.

It’s a form of meditation for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I was doing this yesterday and the wife was like wtf are you doing haha such a good smell, can’t help it! Haha


Day 100, 34/39 flower

Well I’ve come to the sad conclusion (not really just don’t want to wait longer…:joy:) that I’m going to have to extend flower. I’m thinking 2 weeks but I’ll just do it week to week.

Will the buds fatten up at all during flush? And since I will be extending my flower at what point should I start the flush. I know what to look for when looking at the trichs but I don’t want to be still in flower when I’m seeing that it’s ripe for the picking, know what I mean? :yum:. Anyway here’s some pics lol


Hey @Russel_Richardson when mine went into flush it still dispensed nutes. Had the hoses out so no harm not foul. Put a ticket in and turns out the times on my recipe were different on their end from my app. Just a heads up. And mine did the most filling out in these last two weeks. Might leave it in flush mode an extra few days never hurts to let the plant use up its own energy once you feel like letting her do so to finish filling out buds. :+1:


The buds will go from noticeably getting fatter to pretty much a week where they still are but are in slow mo if that makes sense? This is where I find myself now paying more attention to the trichomes than the buds as I just got into flush a few days ago. Hope this helps man-


Thanks @dew. I totally get what you’re saying. I’ll just be watching her close from here on out. Its just harder running on the generic recipe and not knowing how much time I actually need lol.


Same and true, plus I didn’t “start” my grow on the app till after she had germinated. Lots to ponder first go around for sure-


You think that benefited you at all? I had no problems doing it the way we are shown. But that might help things along no?


Well just like you the machine doesn’t know how long it takes for your seed to pop is my theory plus it would only give you a week or so max extra in veg stage if anything which wouldn’t hurt :thinking:


Yup exactly, the other thing is by starting your grow one week later you’ll get your first dose of nutes a week later too since the units recipe starts at the germination stage day 1 but also no impact on the grow imo.


Day 106, 40/46 flower.

Had my flower extended by a week a couple days ago, felt she needed it. Since then I’ve notice the tops of the colas starting to plump up and now I would say 30-40% of that hairs are going brown. Mind you I’ve seen a lot of new white hairs popping up in clumps. Trichs are still clear


Almost there @Russel_Richardson! I’d guess in 10-14 days, she’ll be ready for ya. The white clumps as you said are a great sign of stacking/filling out buds!! As long as your trics don’t go amber see how big you can get um!?


Well @Dew you weren’t too far off! She still has 2 days of flush. But I will be taking her down this weekend, I’ve been looking closely at the trichs and I’m sure in 3-4 days they’ll be where I want them, so exciting! :grin:


Looks great :+1:


Agreed… looks awesome!


That’s awesome @Russel_Richardson. I was starting to wonder how close you were. She looks amazing after all your added time and effort. Can’t wait to see bud pics!



Pretty pumped on how much I ended up with. Obviously I won’t know amounts for a bit but I just didn’t expect as much as I got to be honest. Filled out pretty well the last week. Some of the bottom buds could get a little farther along but the tops were more than ready. I’ll use those for extracts, I want to try making the stuff @Stephen made a video of using isopropyl, not sure if I have enough, but hey! Going to try anyway!

Been a sweet ride. Here she is in all her glory! :heart_eyes: Lol

Will post pics after drying and weights etc.