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Oct 9

Hey @Wolf,

The leaves will not heal themselves, I like to remove them and focus on the new plant growth.

Stephen (The automated response :wink: )



Day 31, almost 1/3 of the way there! Did some light trimming


I swear she grew overnight…lol🤩


That’s crazy how quickly she filled up the space!
Looks good.


The growth is really noticable now


Now I have a question… I do plan on lollipopping my plant, these are some new branches start to come off the sides of the already established branches. Is it too early to be taking these off now? I just don’t want to waste energy in letting them grow if I don’t need to. Any help/advice is appreciated!


Nvm I just read it in the weekly notification for my stage that I can :nerd_face:


Beginning of day 37, 13/14 late veg. Just did a drain and fill, drink up those fresh nutes!


Hey @Stephen is it normal that the first bottle, basic, isnt being used? Just wondering cause the other bottles seem to dose after a d&f, I know the recipes are different just curious is all, thanks!


Hi @Russel_Richardson,

Great question. This simply means that your water pH is basic and only needs a bit of acidic bottle #2 to get it to match the recipe range. You may find you use a bit as the grow progresses and the plant drinks and eats more, but you will find you use much more of one than the other, all due to the base water you are using.

Does that make sense?



PS - Adding another week or two before flipping into flower might increase your yield, let me know if you want us to pad the recipe a bit.



Hey @Stephen thanks for the quick reply! It does make sense, I’m using r.o water but I’ve never checked the pH myself so was just curious

And yeah I’d be okay extending 1-2 weeks, can’t complain about yield increase :wink:


I’ve added a couple weeks for you, new harvest date is Feb 15th.



Thanks @Stephen :slight_smile:


Crazy how noticable the growth is after a d&f. Might need a haircut :scissors:


Day 42


What do you guys think about the little branch there at the very bottom poking out towards the door,it isn’t getting much light and isn’t growing so much, in the overhead shot you can’t even see it I’m just iffy about taking off a full branch I don’t wanna hurt her! Lol. Everything around it is taking off so it just seems like it’ll be a waste later if I leave it




I use the drying rack to support any extra branches that want to fall out the front door. Or snip it off…



Okay, another question…

I’ve grown outdoors a couple times now, I have very little real knowledge regarding this wonderful plant so I might be wrong here. But my little girl is on day 43 and day 19/28 late veg, 20hr light 4 dark. Checked on her about 5 mins ago and noticed that the new growth looked almost wet but I think it’s crystals starting to form, I just thought that didn’t happen until the 12/12 period started. I took some pictures as best I could, I couldn’t get it to go through the jewelers loupe