Just planted


Day 12 sure looks stunted. Nice photo


Come on little one!!! Time to hit a growth spurt.


Keep! What if she turns into a beast!! Lol


She is just trying her hardest to stretch her legs and get her feet wet… for the next 90 or so days!



Your plant looks healthy from the top… Have you peeked at the root yet?.. Is the coco-pod soaked all the way through to the top?.. Factors to consider… We don’t want to drown it, later it will be encouraged to seak out the water source … :wink:


Yeah I’m still not sure about this one or not. On week 2

No update from stephen or team in my ticket so maybe all on vacation. (Update they added10 days to grow)


Keep me posted, we will need to add more time to this slow poke for surez…



Yeah shes super slow and I want gonna keep her but when I took the photo there was one big white root out the bottom so shell come around.