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Hi @greenman,

Welcome aboard & thanks for being an early supporter! Your seedling is an absolute monster for 14 days in, and looking healthy. If you shoot me an email through, I can take a peek at your unit and diagnose any issues. We fill to a lower level in days 10-24 to fight ‘damping off’ and to challenge your roots to grow. If you think your coco pod is too wet, raise it a couple inches. Once your plant is established and the root system filled out, you can push the coco pod back into place. We want the top of the coco pod to dry out for this stage to help fight ‘damping off’, while your roots continue to grow downwards.

Thanks for the photos!!



If that’s day 14 daaaaamn you must have some good genetics I’m on day seven of wedding cake and it just cracked the coco pod but she’ll still on …

What is the strain you are growing? @greenman


@fuz and mine too… Shot one Day 37… ((Green Crack))…

Shot two Day 37 side view…

Shot three Day 39…

Shot four Day 39 side view…

Shot five Day 40…

Shot six Day 40 side view…

Shot seven Day 41…

Shot eight Day 41 side view…

Shot nine Day 42…

Shot ten Day 42 side view…



chris_barfield, Am growing a feminized Auto Amnesia. The seed was bought from the Vancouver Seed Bank. Am growing on the Strawberry Amnesia cycle from Grobo.


Yay some more Canadian seeds. Just terminated my blueberry male and starting #1 queen indica atm. Should be ready by my bday


Hello everyone I’m Cory,
Received my grobo finally after almost two years of anticipation. Super impressed with how this unit performs and am really liking this group of people. I’ve been reading and exploring on here for a few weeks learning and am excited to get to know everyone. Here is day 14 after my second water change.


My friend glad to say I’m jealous of your day 14 my second set of leaves haven’t even come through on this shotgun weddingcake do cheers to you


@fuz and mine too… Shot one Day 50… ((Green Crack))…

Day 50 Side View…

Day 50 Trimmed…

Day 50 Trimmed Side View…



@fuz and mine too… First plant growing in Grobo… ((Green Crack Strain))
Day 56…

Day 56 side view…

Day 58…

Day 58 side view…





You really thinned that thing out didn’t you. Is there a reasoning for trimming that much?


Yup two reasons once in flower you want to devote as much energy to the buds and two it opens up light penetration to the entire plant reducing larf and popcorn buds. Finding the sweet spot entering flowering is key.

There are some strict rules that should be followed. Autos are not as forgiving since you don’t know when the flowering is going to take place so I don’t recomend it for your plant.


Yeah, bong. Thinning her out like that, and opening up the bud sites allow the plant to concentrate her energy on bud growth, as opposed to leaf growth. Plus it allows for better air flow around the plant, furthermore, no dead leaves falling on top of coco pod creating/causing pests.


What exactly starts budding on the plant cause I have no clue lol


Here’s an example:

Red arrow is fan leaf and it’s blocking a new developing bud site pointed by the yellow arrow.

Community Grow Photos

@fuz does all the grooming… Yes, what (@Azuri and @rouleauj) says is the reason for the trimming… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_thumb::grinning:


Hi Growers,

My name is Jason and I have recently joined Grobo on the customer service side of things! When I’m not taking care of the helpdesk you will probably see me poke around here with questions and responses. I am here to help to so don’t be shy about reaching out!


@GroboJason wassup family


@chris_barfield, I’m really excited about our newest family member. We really want to improve and @GroboJason has started like he’s been shot out of a cannon each morning!!


@Stephen he’s got big shoes to fill but it seems he’s going to be alright and what better way to start in the family then to just get to it :call_me_hand: welcome @GroboJason !!!