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Hey @nikidon1

Welcome! What are you growing first?


Hey there! Thanks! Still waiting on my unit but i’d like to grow some Candy Rain by the CookieFam. I hope they can post up the recipe soon. It’s quite an exciting strain: London Pound Cake X Gelato.
Is the unit truly capable of cultivating and producing top quality A+ flowers by just following the recipe and using what it has to offer? @Azuri


Good question! I’ll let you know personally in about 60+ days. :+1:

Many people in their first grow ahead of me and some completed so they could possibly chime in.

Here”s a pic of my plant today. It looks its having a bad hair day but it’s due to some light training / bending the big fan leaves below new growth spurts. Giving them 100% light.


Looks quite nice to me!


Looking good @Azuri have any close ups of your bending for newbies


They are all bent now so I’ll do a zoom in best I can on my daily shot today.

Best way to describe it pull the big huge fan leaves down lifting all the new growth above the fan leaves. The fan leaves (solar panels) will still get enough light to perform their job. At day 30+ your plant is pretty robust and can handle some “manhandling” which will cause zero stress just optimizing who gets the light. Stems on leaves are soft now bend closer to the leaf then towards the stock, don’t bend them enough so they break. Basically moving new foilage up and fan leaves down. This is daily excercise due to be very light no stress training.

After researching LED lights the claim is they do a better job of penetrating the canapoy so the fan leaves still get the love they need and new growth gets the pure light that it loves. Happy plant, happy grower!


Ok good to know. I was bending at the leaf as it was softer still. Cheers


:smiley: Grobo Team fixed the bubbler problem we had to the system… We figured out how to drain and fill the unit from on line just today… :D… We still have an issue with the liquid glass door not going to clear so we can see inside without opening the door… We are a little behind schedule, but hopefully we can get something out of this plant… :smiley:


@SilverGrobo the grobo glass never goes fully clear


Mine does or at the very least is working as intended. Does it look similar @SilverGrobo

(old photo)


@ToddYYC well now that you posted yours mine never gets that clear lol I can only see to where the fans are


I don’t have a need for the door opaque feature since my Grobo is in my basement. I seen a conversation that there is a warm up period for the glass? 2nd time around it’s a little clearer? Mine is hazy too. I personaly don’t want any light from the outside getting to the inside when my plant should be in darkness, my only concern for the door if they change anything on it.


Anyone have pictures of they’re day 21 or something close to it ? I think my plant is locked up and comparing most of you guys like @ToddYYC @rainstorm3 @Azuri my plant only has like a set of leaves … I did defoliate but my plant is so much smaller than everyone’s


Hey @chris_barfield

Sorry bro I’ve only got my latest pictures handy. If you have IOS you can follow me on the Bud Growing journal app. I have a daily picture and commentary about the grow since my seed poped over there. Maybe others have some pics?

I sense your getting itchy to restart? Don’t forget if you do that you’re back to day 1. :wink:


Hey @chris_barfield here is a day 25


Hey @chris_barfield I second what @Azuri said, if you have iOS you can follow me on the Bud app too to see my grow. But here is a picture of my original day 21 (broken Grobo) and my new day 25 (which is technically day 35).


Recovering well @rainstorm3


@Azuri and @rainstorm3, you may notice a new follower. :wink:


Everyone is welcome! You don’t even need to be growing to follow anyone. Some interesting strains and methods going on from all types of growers. As I said before a little clunky to use but it works. :+1:

It’s a nice community marketing tool. Check out the comments on day 23 of below:

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