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I put in girl scout cookies since there wasn’t a auto tangerine dream. Didn’t wanna waste 2 or 3 months and it not come out right lol.


@Bongsmoker89 did they have a generic auto flower recipe? They didn’t have a recipe for my hybrid so I chose the generic hybrid recipe…


Yes they had that but the warning they gave and the extra work I didn’t really wanna risk it being my first grow, didn’t wanna botch it lol.


Yea I def feel you on that Girl Scouts is one of my favorite strains man can’t wait to see you post. @Bongsmoker89


Hey @Bongsmoker89

Autos can be done in Grobo’s but here’s a an explanation straight from @Stephen Grobo’s horticulturist:


Thanks I put the tangerine dream auto back in. I got wishy washy lol


They suggest doing indicas in the grobo. A little worse if it’s an auto flower.


@Bongsmoker89 Welcome to the forums Randy!

As per Stephen’s post the overall verdict with autos is that they’re hard for us to control via our schedules as they are photo independent, meaning we can’t change the light schedules to force it into flowering at a certain time. We’ve grown some autos in the Grobo Ones before and I can tell you that some finish perfectly within the constraints of the systems, while others we have to take out because they were determined to become monsters (some were 1m+). LST (Low Stress Training) is recommended to keep them to the desired size and why we consider them more ‘advanced’ plants




I prefer satavias myself. Like to do stuff and function through the day instead of being tired lol.


I’m sure I’ll be asking for help and what do to do through the next coming weeks. Thanks .


No worries - that’s why we’re here

Message myself, Stephen, or anyone with the title by their name of “Champion” if you have any plant inquiries. Between all those listed members we should be able to get you the answers you’re looking for :+1:




Hello I am Rich. Just getting going. Waited a long time for the opportunity to learn with you all. I am sure there will be plenty of good advice here. Good Luck everyone!!!:grinning:


Me too!


First photo taken of plant from the new Grobo.

This was the second picture taken.

This is 20 Days in, what do you think?


Hi @fuz

Looks great so far! What strain is it?


green crack.


@fuz Nice! Keep us posted on the progress!


Looking good
Keep the photos and questions coming.


That’s awesome. Are you growing a generic or a particular strain? Mine is just a seed I got from a good bag. I hope it’s a girl!!


Hello all I go by Niki.B,

I feel quite honored and lucky to be part of this community and a grobo user. Nice to meet all of you and I hope to learn much while my time lasts here. Happy Growing!