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Hey Captain,

Honored to have you among us. We have seen some of the skepticism and totally understand. Many medical growers that have a 5 gram or more prescription per day won’t get the yield they need out of our unit. We are shooting at providing an average of a little under an oz per month. It’s really strain dependent though. We are testing several different seed companies to find a great partner and match for our unit.

Haters gonna hate…


Hey all,

I’m Stefanie! I head up marketing for Grobo. So excited to meet you all here and start talking all things growing! I seriously can’t wait to try growing dwarf citrus fruits in Grobo. I have a huge thing for lemons.


Hi everyone,

Just placed my pre-order and can’t wait to try. We will be focusing on medicinal plants. I have only just started vegetable gardening indoors/outdoors two years ago and I am hooked. Can’t wait to experiment with the Grobo.
Partnering with a seed provider is good news to hear.
I would also like to hear more about the nutrients cost and subscription option.



Hi rainstorm3,

Welcome to AllGrowers and the Grobo family!

We are currently testing nutrients from several leading global companies, including some that are purely organic. We will be selecting a partner soon and will provide them in our individual capsules. They are designed to cover one grow.

For all of the Grobo consumables, you should budget $15 - $20 per month. The nutrients (depending on what you are growing, and the quality of water that you put in the system) will typically need to be replaced every grow cycle (3-4 months). The carbon filter will need to be changed every 3-4 grows (9 to 12 months) and our coco coir is replaced each grow.

What kind of veggies are you running now?



Hi I am Seattle’s native son. I am very eager to receive my unit. I am, however, disappointed in the amount of medicine yielded. It is my wife and myself, so please keep us informed on specific yield amounts greater than currently expected. Buying a home full of Grobo units defeats the purpose.


Hi Seattlebest,

You may be challenged to produce enough medicine for two patients out of one Grobo. Through testing I’ve seen well over 4oz produced from cuttings, but each strain has a wide yield range in our testing so far. Do you have a specific strain/breeder you are wanting to grow?

I have many dreams of a home full of Grobo units, I always wake up with a smile. :wink:


Hey Nic, how are you? I was wondering when did you place your pre-order? Because I signed up for a pre-order in the newsletter a few months ago and I was never notified for the Grobo pre-order batch :frowning: Did you receive your unit or not yet? Please let me know. Thank you and have a great day!


Hi! Sorry for the late response. I have not received my Grobo yet. I don’t think anyone has.

I don’t know how far back I am in the line, but I would say that I put my pre-order in very shortly after the initial pre-order’s went live. I might have actually put my order in the day of. (If not, it was only a day or two after I believe.)

I believe they said that the units should be shipping in April. Hopefully it will arrive on Wrestlemania weekend, because that would just be awesome!


Hi SterlingNico,

You are correct, no one has a Grobo One at this time. We are on schedule to begin shipping units in April, so stay tuned!



Good morning from Sherman Oaks, California (basically the same as Los Angeles). This is Jeff here. Happy to be posting at allgrowers, for the first time.
What an awesome time of life we are all amidst with the emerging technology of automated Cannabis growing. I’ve come to wholeheartedly believe in the adage of Cannabis not being addictive…but growing it, is! This is one passion filled hobby for me.
From first hand experience I know this technology works, as I am presently drying 15.45 oz. of wet herb…I’m told that I will be left with a net weight of between 4 and 5 oz.
Kudos to the Grobo team who have put this social network together. To be able to chat with other like minded souls is such an important outlet. No other company has done this, as of yet. I can’t be the first one to have noted a growing number of companies that are coming aboard with automated growing machines. Presently I am using a “beta” version of the Cloudponics system, and it has been a wonderful experience. I’m slated to receive The Leaf when it comes to market later this year, and for sure I will become part of the Grobo family as well. In a way, I already am. I hope that hanging my hat here will up my knowledge, and that there will be information about all of the companies who are bringing this technology to market. Competing companies honing their systems only ups our game, being the consumers. Already I am seeing and learning about slight variations with the build of these machines. My Cloudponics machine can accommodate 6 plants, but I only grew 2. From my experience with these 2 girls, I can absolutely see the value in machines that grow a single plant. I don’t think there is a wrong or right build. Anyway, not much more to say right now, other than “honey, I"m home”. I hope I’ve uploaded correctly, and if so, what you are looking at is the “God Bud” that I grew in my beta machine.


Welcome aboard chefjeff, looking forward to growing with you!


Thank you Stephen. I am so thrilled to be a part of this site.


That looks amazing!! How long will you be drying for? Do you have any particular method you like?


Hey Nico,
Thank you for responding. Funny thing about your name! It’s the same name as one of the 2 founders of my Cloudponics machine :slight_smile: In any event, back to my drying methodology. I ended up purchasing 2 units from a company called Foothill Filters. They are in South Carolina. These are fan driven electric dryers and they have carbon filters to absorb any odors. Maybe not so “in”-expensive to purchase new, and additionally, I’ve known pro growers who only will hang their branches for very slow drying. I purchased a “pair” of these units from Craig’s list…they were used, but in excellent condition. I scored by paying a mere $125 for BOTH! I am on day 5 of the drying, and maybe late today or tomorrow, they will be done.


I’m Jessica! My box is currently called ‘Sometimes I Wet My Plants’. My husband and I are early investors… I think we were order #3 when Grobo initially went on sale. We’ve had the privilege of having a few betas in our house, and have grown :wink: :wink: :wink: along with Grobo.

About me: I can’t grow worth a sh*t. I plant hostas and tulips outside and do nothing with them, and somehow they live, but my indoor plants get a bit… Neglected. We’re using the grobo for medicinal marijuana for my husband’s back condition… But I’d also like to grow some veg at some point too :slight_smile:


Hey Growers!

My name is Kenzie and I’m the newest part of the team at Grobo! I’m really excited to learn with you all. If you have questions I’d be happy to do my very best to assist. Happy growing!


5 Days
Nice place you have here. Will read and learn.


Welcome to AllGrowers @Seahawkpi!


Exciting times day 5. This will be a bit of a finesse Seahawkpi. Your seed casing seems to be stuck on your stem/early set of leaves. This is ok for now, but you will want to keep an eye on it. We want the seed case to continue splitting, causing it to fall off by itself and expose the leaves to the light. If this has not happened in the next week, you may want to GENTLY encourage it to fall off. You can lose a week of great growth if it keeps it’s shell hat on too long. Most of the time, you won’t see the seed shell at all, so this one is unique!

To remove the seed casing, gently squeeze it along the side to encourage the casing to completely open. Tweezers can assist here too, but be careful of tearing off one of the two leaves that want to emerge.


PS - I’m still reeling that R. Sherman isn’t a Seahawk anymore and is now on my team. Football Fan?


Where would I see notices that the Grobo needs the water changed?