Introduce yourself


Welcome to the family @gijsflis
Looking forward to seeing tons of pictures.


Great! Thanks a lot for welcoming me to this forum! It’s a pleasure!


Thanks a lot SilverGrobo!


Thank you Stephane! :grinning:


Welcome along. What are you growing in? I’m currently growing in 2 tents and a grobo.


Tents are new. I do have to say it is something I learned here

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Be interested to hear what media, lights, and nutrients you are using. To compare results and help fine tune. New as can be myself and trying to learn as I go


Hello I am Rob got my first Grobo and I love it. I know nothing about growing but here I go. This is what I have so far after 6 days as a seed. Any helpful hints or tricks anything would help. Thanks all.
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You can start with the weekly Notifications (1-13)… It gives you an idea of what to expect…

Here is @fuz and Mine Too 2nd Grow:



Hello all! @Drillbit here. Been growing outdoors for years but just starting my 2nd indoor grow. Seeking any knowledge I can glean. Are we allowed to share seedbanks on this forum? I’m always on the lookout for great genetics and safe/discreet/stealthy business practices. Any suggestions?


Welcome! There are several threads with seed bank info. Share till your hearts content. :+1::v:


Greetings @Drillbit! Welcome!!


Welcome @Drillbit. happy growing and harvesting.

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Welcome @Drillbit. I have had good experiences with both ILGM and Gorilla recently. ILGM was fast. I got variety of freebies with my order from Gorilla.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts: ((#LoveYourPhoto))… :wink:


Good morning

Just saying hi. Very new here, I received my Grobo (Martha) on Monday, and my Northern Lights was born on March 11 at 6:48 PM!

I’m sure I will have a lot of questions as the grow progresses, but many of them are being answered as I work my way through the First Thoughts thread. This forum will be a valuable resource.

I look forward to sharing pictures once there’s something to share :slight_smile:




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Hi everyone. I am brand new to this forum and Grobo ownership. I live in a not legal but quite liberal state where I have been extra patiently waiting since December for my unit to arrive, as Grobo was having some shipping issues for a minute there.

It finally happened over the weekend!!! My Grobo (Gertrude) arrived!!!

This is my first indoor grow whatsoever, having two past experiences with small (personal) outdoor grows under my belt.

I’m fairly excited to have this plant friend of ours living and growing inside the same house as I.

I set up the unit in my third floor bedroom so as not to have to explain my glowing furniture device to friends and associates. This coupled with the fact that I live in a city and do not own a bucket created for an interesting time getting this thing filled to the top with water. In the end it had taken me 5 or so trips up and down to the kitchen with giant bowls of water (thrice filtered) in tow.

Only in that moment did I miss those previous outdoor grows…


I suggest you go out and buy one of those blue plastic 5gallon refillable jugs and a three gallon one. If you have one of those we’re machines that dispense reverse osmosis water. Fill em boylth up, use the three gallon jug for your water fill, it’s just about perfect. Then get a small hand or electric pump to refill the 3 gallon jug via the 5 gallon jug and just continue to rotate like that. Hope this helps, it’s what I do and it works just fine.:+1::v:


Thanks. I’m definitely going to look at utilizing water that has been through the reverse osmosis process on my next go around. As well I will be picking up a bucket or two. Appreciate the insight, as I’m use to learning via trial by error.