Introduce yourself


Welcome to the family @gijsflis
Looking forward to seeing tons of pictures.


Great! Thanks a lot for welcoming me to this forum! It’s a pleasure!


Thanks a lot SilverGrobo!


Thank you Stephane! :grinning:


Welcome along. What are you growing in? I’m currently growing in 2 tents and a grobo.


Tents are new. I do have to say it is something I learned here


Be interested to hear what media, lights, and nutrients you are using. To compare results and help fine tune. New as can be myself and trying to learn as I go


Hello I am Rob got my first Grobo and I love it. I know nothing about growing but here I go. This is what I have so far after 6 days as a seed. Any helpful hints or tricks anything would help. Thanks all.



You can start with the weekly Notifications (1-13)… It gives you an idea of what to expect…

Here is @fuz and Mine Too 2nd Grow: