In House Genetics - Royalty


Sounds good! :grin:


Shelley - Day 34


Yeah, that’s B.E.A utiful. I need to get my hands on some in house genetics. I’ve seen nothing but goodness from them!!! @chris_barfield will love this follow eh buddy :+1::v::scream::dizzy_face::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:


Shyte, sorry brothers, just scrolled up and see everyone’s already here. Looks like I’m the only one late to the party :tada: lol


Thank you! She’s getting huge! :smiley:



:hearts: Love the Huge Leaves :herb::leaves: on Shelley:wink:


Thank you!! :grinning::palm_tree:


Shelley - Day 40


You too her yet?



I think you mean to ask @Kaneh, Did you (top) her yet?..


Yes :slight_smile:


Did it grow back where you topped it or am I just looking at this wrong? Lol


Yea it grew the stem all
Over again even though it was topped


Hey @Kaneh something similar happen to my grow. Mine finally grew another stem but it lagged behind and had it not its bud would be as big as the main one coming from main stem. Make sure wherever you top, it gets plenty of light- :+1:


I topped her, and she grew another stem in the middle. Lol


Shelley - Day 47


oh damn! amazing colouring on the leaves.


Shelley - Day 70 F18


Are you going to give her a trim ?


Yes :slight_smile: :scissors: