In Case You Missed it: JULY Updates


Testing, Testing, Testing

Throughout July, we have continued to ship Grobos to our beta testers and they have given us phenomenal feedback so far. Their plants are growing well, but there is room for improvement on the user experience side.

Based on their feedback, we have now redesigned multiple sections within our app and our setup process is being completely overhauled to make it easier and faster. All of these changes take time, but they are crucial to building the best possible product.

Grobo sitting proudly in a beta tester’s home.

This beta tester’s Grobo has a watchful security guard.

At the office, grow tests continue to go well and we are seeing some impressive yields. As you can see below, our plants are incredibly dense and very happy in their homes!


Manufacturing Update:

We’ve cut a hole in our wall! After completing two trial manufacturing runs, it was clear that our existing factory layout would not work well enough for us to build Grobos quickly.

By opening up this wall, your Grobo is now manufactured in a straight line and shipped out through the garage door in the photo below.

Rebuilt manufacturing space and assembly stations

Shipping Update:

Now that we are getting closer to shipping Grobo units, there is still one final hurdle that we have to pass. We have to ensure that Grobo passes all relevant electrical certifications for us to legally ship the product. This certification is extremely important because it ensures that Grobo is safe to have in your home.

For the past 3 months, we have been undergoing pre-certification tests and we are pleased to say that we have passed them. The next step is for us to complete the actual certifications. We are trying to accelerate this process, but it has been known to take 2-3 months to complete. In that time, we will start production and once we have the certifications, we can begin shipping.

We understand that these further delays feel frustrating. They are not ideal for us either, and we desperately want to get your Grobos to you as quickly as possible, but we have unfortunately hit roadblocks that are out of our control. We are working our hardest to combat these problems and avoid potential issues before they happen.

What’s Next?

We will continue to update you regarding the electrical certification process. Once it is complete, we will then be able to provide more accurate shipping dates.