In Case You Missed It: AUGUST Updates


We’re Getting Ready to Fill Orders!

Grobo One production is about to get faster as we’ve raised additional funding! We’ve hired more team members, and will continue to increase our staff to boost production speed.

We’ve completed several small-batch builds of Grobo One, and the units are looking great! We’re nearly set to begin mass production, and will be able to start shipping once all certifications are complete.

Grobo One is Getting Certified

Grobo One is now in Montreal, Canada for electrical certifications. This process can take up to 12 weeks, and once it’s complete we’ll be cleared to ship!

In the meantime, we’re conducting internal testing, and have increased the number of beta units being tested. We now have Grobo Ones in San Francisco, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Waterloo!

Something For The Senses

Let’s leave on a high note. Here’s a beautiful cannabis plant growing in one of our tests.