I'm updating our recipes, what strains or cultivars should I add?


I had 2 males so far this summer. Might lose 2 females tonight because of snow…


Get a little heater if you are indoors. Good luck


Here is the updated list!


Yayyyyyyy!!! Saw mine there Stephen. Am I able to switch my unit over or do you? If you, I’m green thumb

Thanks again for all you do. Your work is truly appreciated. Have a beer or your choice on me. :beer::beers::clinking_glasses::wine_glass::tumbler_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::champagne:


Sweet only 72 day grow time !


Hey @rouleauj,

Welcome to your new schedule! Let me know if I can help further,



Hey @rouleauj

Just a heads up, don’t be suprised if your notifications now come in a different time of day now. :wink:


I’m hoping not. We simply added a week. May not need it in the end though. She is growing like mad. Last night I gave her a haircut again and this morning she was happy as a pig in shyte. I’m gonna do a partial lollipop probably before feeding on Saturday and start really getting her in order. Putting up my scrog this weekend too so look out for the changes.


I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong, added the week is fine the time of day the recipe was saved on Grobo’s server dictates what time the notifications are pushed out to you. Not a big deal you don’t have to react right away.

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