I'm updating our recipes, what strains or cultivars should I add?


Candy Rain- Cookie Fam
London Pound Cake- Cookie Fam
Purple Punch
3X Crazy


Wedding cake


Some absolutely great strains I’ve recently tried in recent months that keeps you productive …I would luv to see these strains added (mainly Sativas and Hybrids):

Goji OG
Fire Alien Kush
Super Silver Haze
Super Green Crack


Pure Power Plant
Candy Cream


Blue berries! I wish that was possible, best muffins ever!


@Stephen just checking back to see if you added white widow X big bud from femaleseeds . nl and when you do so could you also switch me to that recipe please. Thanks a ton :pray:


Hey rouleauj,

I’ll be making a large addition to our list in September, so start with the generic and we can move you over once the list is updated. Love all the recommendations!



Yep did that, I’m on cannabis-hybrid-white widow. Thanks again


@stephen For your Consideration to add to the list recipe

  1. Barney’s -g13 haze
  2. Barney’s - CBD shark
  3. Barney’s - Blue cheese
  4. Barney’s - 8 ball kush
  5. G13- Auto Pineapple Express
  6. Humboldt county- blue dreams
  7. Humboldt county- OG kush

First Thoughts

Bubba kush and mazar feminized. Growers seed choice seed.
Laughing Buddha


@fuz and me too… ((Budzilla)) ((Acapulco Gold))… Only because we have the seeds at hand… :wink::grin:


@stephen more for consideration
brother grim seeeds… Apollo, killer queen, Rosetta Stone


I would like to request a gorilla glue auto by fast buds for a recipe


Hey @Stephen :joy::joy::joy:



Lithium Og


Love me some Judge Judy! Plan is to launch tomorrow afternoon.

Watch this space…


Watching… :grin:


Religiously lmaoo


Since I ripped out my Male @chris_barfield I won’t be excited until I get back to where I was previously lol so need something to watch lol


Damn it turned out to be make? That sucks dude I woulda saved the pollen just to make my own cross lol… man this wedding cake is growing slow … second set of leaves are mutated so I’m hoping the third set come in normally and growth takes off